Sunday, November 22, 2009

Birthday Recap

Why hello legal drinking age!
Friday: I started my birthday off with my drink of choice-fresh carrot juice! :)

I seriously have the best friends in the world. Besides receiving mail-which is my all-time favorite-we had a little cocktail party at the apartment with kickass cupcakes and raw carob truffles.

They completely surprised me-pooled money-and bought me a dehydrator. I was so shocked!
(its new home)

(and the first bath-raw macaroons and banana chips!)
After the celebration in the apartment, us older folks went to Miracle of Science and then Enormous Room in Cambridge to celebrate-I had St.Germain for the first time, which was thrilling!
Saturday: not drinking excessively + 2am dance pary = no hangover in the morning. I went for a run to Lululemon Cambridge to show them my completed passport. My 'special gift' was a tank of my choice!!!!! wait wait-they gave me 5 free yoga classes and a piece of apparel?? Lulu, you are ridiculous and I love you tons. (Now I may just Have to pool birthday money for that Apres Sport Jacket!!)

I saw a friend preform her dance recital and then met the Clear Flour Bakery Crew at Eastern Standard in Kenmore. Their cocktail list is impressive and I'm sure all delicious but I opted for the Harvest-Sherry with Pumpkin-delightful!! To complete my to-do list of alcoholic beverages, roomie and I did 1 shot of Absinthe at Deep Ellum

once was way more than enough-holy licorice!! and sometimes a cube of white sugar is necessary....

With all these tempting cocktails I have to remind myself that my waistline and my wallet will not be able to handle this decadence very often-but hey-you only turn 21 once! Right? This weekend will definitely not be a common occurrence. Sometimes a cocktail is nice-but I really only drink as a form of socialization, and it is definitely not necessary to have fun! I feel much /healthier when I don't drink, and my wallet definitely thanks me!!

Thank you to everyone for all the birthday wishes and anyone who may be reading this who celebrated with me! I love you all!


Gina said...

I'm glad to hear you had a great birthday weekend! Sounds like you've got a great group of friends :)

Live(and Eat) Abundantly said...

Glad you had a fun bday! I definitely agree- drinking makes my wallet sad :(
Oddly enough I tend to lose weight when drinking excessively, though I still would not advise it.

Glad you like the dehydrator! Can't wait to see all of your new dehyrdated goodies :D

Pure2Raw Twins said...

Glad to hear that your bday was great!! :) And that you got a dehydrator... yeah!!!

Lele said...

I just discovered kickass cupcakes last week, and it's AMAZING! I wish I were there with more people so I could've tried that many flavors!

Ricki said...

Sounds like such a great b-day celebration! And congrats on not going overboard and still feeling good afterwards :)

So glad you won the cookbook--I feel like it's my own birthday present to you! :D