Friday, November 6, 2009

Fit and Free Weekend!

My Stress levels are at super high right now. I can just feel my blood pressure raising (thank you MNT for fun facts like intermittent stress has a lasting effect on blood pressure) I have two huge midterms next week, had hackers spam my twitter account and am trying to decide the rest of my collegiate career (do i graduate early? what electives do i take? what am i doing with my life?). Everything will be much better next Friday though!

And this saturday, i hope to crawl my way out of my study cave and get to Harvard Sq to celebrate the opening of the new Lululemon!! They're special classes all weekend and tasty treats from Crema Cafe and b.good. You know you wanna go!

Apparently today is a big day in fitness because Hautelook is having a big sample sale on Beyond Yoga clothing. Love Hautelook and Love yoga!

Lucy Active Wear is having a sale tomorrow as well

just in case you're interested :)

Enjoy your weekend! I'll be back sooner than I expect I'm sure. Just a little catharsis onto the journal pages of the world wide web!

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jess said...

wow that lululemon thing looks awesome! i may just see you there :)