Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Helix Revolution

Its Time To start the Helix Revolution!

Yesterday I got to go to Revolution Gym and check out the Helix!! This crazy machine has the potential to be the next big thing in fitness!

The helix is a lateral trainer which means you move your body side-to-side. Since basically every other piece of equipment in the gym works in a forward-backward motion it wasn't intuitive at first. Then it started to feel almost like gliding. By reversing directions of your gliding circles you switch between working your inner and outer thighs. These two "trouble spots" for women are actively engaged the entire time.You're also squatting the entire time, making it a killer for your quads and glutes. You also have to keep your abs engaged and heels down to stay in control. The machine was created by Physical Therapist for Knee and Hip Rehab. Because it is much easier on knees, making it a great form of cross training for runners. Due to the sideways nature of the machine I feel like it would also be great for skaters and hockey players.

After 30 min and I was sweat-city. I was afraid at first that one of my feet would fly off and I'd make a scene, but I kept my heels down and abs tight and I survived accident free. Cranking up the resistance gears really increased the burn!

Revolution Gym has 7 helix machines + one for the instructor. Each class is 30 minutes long and offered 3 times a week. The class is structured like a spin class-with sprint and increased resistance intervals. But get there early because the classes fill up quick!!

Thank you to Sarah for hooking me up with a pass to Revolution!

Oh and one more Fitness Freebie- Liberty Hotel is Having Equinox Instructors teach free classes at the hotel every Saturday (until Dec 12th) from 10-11 in Boston! So many ways to stay in shape this Holiday Season!

Have an excellent Wednesday!


Corinne @ Green Grapes Blog said...

OH MY! I saw this on the news last night and am DYING to try it!!! So awesome! I am jealous! I will have to find myself one of these machines and report back on my sweat-filled session!

derek Christensen said...

Thanks for coming in to check it out and thanks for the write up!

Derek - revfit1 -twitter

Live(& Eat) Abundantly said...

That looks like soo much fun! i'm glad you reviewed it, I get intimidated by new equiptment until I know what it does haha.

I can't wait to get a new gym membership - Planet Fitness is ok, but it is lacking interesting cardio equipt and I miss group exercise :(

now if only I had the absurd motivation like you to work out constantly I'd go check out all of these cool places :P Let me know about any upcoming workout adventures and drag me along haha

and heck ya-- 2 more days :D