Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Brought to Fruition

Meet Probar's fun kid sister-Fruition! She's much lower in calories than her older brother, but still made with only Real Food-organic oats, fruit, chia and cashews! I am not a huge fan on the Probars-they are so small for the amount of calories each one contains! While great for backpacking or endurance activities, its not feasible to eat them as a normal meal replacement. Fruitation is a great snack bar-similar to Larabar or Clif Nectar Bar. While not 100% raw or gluten free (it does have brown rice syrup, and oats) sometimes its fun to try new things!
I have tried:
(with Peach being my favorite)

Each one has two servings of fruit! I love that they add chia-one of my new favorite foods! While they will not be replacing my love for Larabar-its nice to know what other Whole, Organic food bars there are out on the Market!

So if you see these in your local Whole Foods or Health Food Store-I'd check it out!

**Just so you know, I bought these bars myself (well, actually my mother did), and have not received any sort of compensation from ProBar to post a positive review. Let's all blog with integrity! **

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photodelicious said...

i love love LOVE bars! almost as much as i love granola :)

Kristen @ Simply Savor said...

yum! i tried the fruitition bars for the first time from my Healthy Living Summit swagbag! i only tried blueberry. im not a big fan of fruity bars, and at first i didn't like it but it really grew on me and i loved them! Have a great day girl!