Thursday, January 14, 2010

All About Me

\I've been in Boston for two weeks before school starts and it's been quite fun!
New Years was a blast, and then I've started exploring the swanky cocktail spots in the beantown. Drink and 28 degrees are winning currently. Clink is next on the list, especially after hearing about their <150>
Went on a field trip to Dedham to New England's largest Whole Foods. While there I gave in at Lucy and bought their running skirt. I wasn't a fan of them, but I tried this one on, and just loved it!

excuse my pale stems. its winter.
And the price was right at $10 (love post-holiday sales!)
I wore it at Fitcorp, which I'm trying out for 6 weeks thanks to BuyWithMe (groupon?). I took another acro-yoga class and hope to do much more of this in the near future!!

I also made Vegan Truffles at MIT Chocolate Science Labs A wonderfully fun experiment, I look forward to playing around with it in my own kitchen.

curry dark/white chcolate-amazing

espresso, peppermint dark chocolate

experimentation with flavors is highly encouraged!
I'm a huge fan of wandering around Boston, exploring, so one day I decided to head south-South Boston.The only time I ever go down to southie is for the st pattys day parade, But on a crisp winter's day, not clad in green, I checked out Core Pilates, which kicked my arse. And then I treked over to Rocca to try their 2010 detox menu.

for the beginning of January they are offering 3 raw courses for $20.10, and lots of fresh juices, because they lost their alcohol license for a month, and decided to embrace the detox. Annabelle and I tried each got a salad, a 'pasta' and the one dessert offered. The salads and entrees were good, but a little oil heavy. The dessert was lackluster, a mango cannoli, aka a slice of pineapple wrapped around a mango puree.

beet ravoli, love the meyer lemons in it!
I applaud them for trying out a raw menu, and trying to make the best out of their situation. But it was far from the best raw meal I have ever had, and the amount of oil used was excessive and unnecessary. Basically I won't be back again, but I'm glad I tried it!

Classes Startedtoday, but I don't have class on Wednesday and Friday, which is nice. I'll be working on those days. After work today I'm heading to NOFA with Jessica. I'm helping her organize all the meals of the day, which shall be interesting. We secured some sweet donations from Iggys and Clear Flour and the conference should be good, even though I'm not sure we'll get to see much of it!
Today, Corinne nominated me for a Beautiful Blogger Award

Apparently I'm supposed to tell ya 7 fun facts about me, and then nominate 7 other lovely bloggers. So yes, this post is all about me, but here goes!

  1. I grew up in Lander, WY, which is a tiny town smack dab in the center of our square of a state. I used to hate it, but I've come to love going back to visit, and grew up with some amazing people. While I love living in Boston, I miss wide open spaces, mountains and fresh air.
  2. I started playing violin and dancing at age 4. I stopped dancing at 14, and violin at 18.
  3. I played no sports in highschool. I lack hand-eye coordination, and just wasn't a sporty kid. I was a debater, and ran for fun.
  4. But, I rowed for BU my freshman year at BU. After a winter spent indoors erging, and 6 am runs up and down Harvard Stadium, I decided it wasn't for me. But I made some very good friends, and it was an experience!
  5. I spent my junior year of high school in Bangkok Thailand. An amazing year, totally immersed in Thai culture, even attending Thai highschool. Sometimes it feels like that was a dream, and I hope to return soon.
  6. While I've run 2 half-marathons, and a full marathon, but I have never done a 5K or 10K. i can go forever, but the pressure of a sprint scares me. Hoping to change that this year!
  7. I am addicted to mustard, raisin, and nut butters, though not together-EW!
Thanks again Corinne-You're beautiful! While the Blog world is filled with gorgeous ladies and gents, of both inner and outer beauty, here are my 7 nominees
Have a wonderful long weekend everyone!!


Annabelle Ho said...

thank you for the nomination!

I am quite envious that you studied a year in Thailand. that's awesome.

have fun at NOFA!

photodelicious said...

i love rocca! don't knock it until you try regular food...or a cocktail :)

and THANKS for the nomination!

Ricki said...

Loved the cool facts about you! Living in Thailand must have been incredible.

Janel (Eat Well with Janel) said...

This post made me adore you even more.

1) I bought that running skirt at Lucy too in black and it is SO cute! Never thought I'd run in a skirt. Shhhh, dont tell Lululemon about Lucy!

2)The truffles you made me are amazing.

3) I played violin too! From age 7-22. Aaron doesn't believe me since he hasn't heard me once.

It blows my mind how Boston-savvy you are. I have no idea how you discover all this fun stuff and fit it into your insanely packed schedule! Thanks for the beautiful blogger too :) Talk soon!

Corinne @ Green Grapes Blog said...

OMG I love drink! Isn't it awesome?!? Love your facts! And, those truffles look good girl! xxoo

Allie (Live Laugh Eat) said...

$10 is a STEAL for a running skirt!! Trust me, my mom and I looked in every sports store at the outlets in FL and they were pricey! I love it--so jealous!