Monday, January 18, 2010

[E] &Goji!

I first heard about [Me] & Goji at the Healthy Living Summit this summer, when it was included in our delicious breakfast!
For Christmas, my gorgeous older sis gave my lil sis, mom and I each gift certificates to make our own cereal!
So What is [Me] & Goji?? It's a Customizable Cereal where you pick your cereal base, and each add-in. They have a huge variety of nuts, dried fruit, chocolate, and seeds to throw into the mix! As you drag and drop ingredients into your mix, a nutrition facts label on the side keeps a tally, and your price is calculated. Changed your mind about an ingredient? No problem-just drag it over to the "Compost Bin"

I made "E's raw and (white) sugar free museli" with the 5 grain museli, dried strawberries, mulberries, golden berries, chia, and of course, goji berries! (how could you not??)
It arrived in a big ol' Cereal Capsule (seriously, this is the FUTURE of cereal)

and i love it-especially the dried strawberries. They don't skimp on the amount of berries in the mix, which i loved.

Even more reasons to love [Me] & Goji:
  • There are several gluten-free options, and many sugar-free ingredients.
  • Almost everything is certified organic and vegan!
  • It was started over a year ago, by three friends, is a small business, and pretty local (to me!!).
  • Each batch is handcrafted, (mine was made by "Adam's Mom")
  • Furthermore, each owner is in his 20s, which is inspiring!
I Highly recommend that you check out [Me] & Goji- what would [You] Mix??

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****After the awful tragedy in Haiti it's important to the best place to donate, where your money has the greatest potential to actually save lives. Here's a great article with suggestions, and how to avoid scams You could also help send local doctors to Haiti, or buy a Theo Chocolate bar. All weekend OpenSky is donating 100% of their profits. Now is the time for action! ****


Anonymous said...

Interesting that you mention me&goji. They seem to have been the first to copy the concept from Europe and implement it in the US. There are a couple of similar companies out there, all start-ups with founders in similar age. Check out, (only gluten-free), and Just for reasons of completeness... ;-)

[adam] & goji said...

thanks for the great post, E! the european concept was around muesli, which we do offer, but our cereal and granola are our specialties. how did you like the mulberries? they're my favorite!

founder, [me] & goji

prettygreengirl said...

Yum, I love dried strawberries! And thanks for posting the Chocolate for Haiti link!!

Aimee (I Tri To Be Me) said...

Wow..that sounds so cool! Plus, what a fun thing to do! I'll have to check them out!