Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Just Say NO-FA

This past weekend, I assisted Jessica with a 900 person potluck at NOFA winter conference.

Trying to feed 900 people, two meals, with them providing all the dishes could have been a disaster, but thanks to Jess's amazing organization and delegating skills, great volunteers, and a whole lot of good food-it went off without a hitch!

Thanks to generous donations from Iggys Bread, Clear Flour Bakery, Nashoba Brook Bakery, Tribe Hummus, Bigelow Tea Company, Stonyfield yogurt, Organic Valley and Dean's Beans coffee Jess and I were able to organize a breakfast from local organic producers.

The Prius was JAM PACKED with bread and dairy. and smelled like a bakery

I couldn't believe how much bread we got! Gotta carbo-load before you see Joel Salatin speak! After breakfast, I kept the coffee brewing and bread stocked while Jess and volunteers organized the lunch setup. Check out Jessica's write-up on her blog.

It was a long day, but good food, and great people made it whiz by! Thanks for letting me help out Jess!!

**Did you know that GoodGuide has a iphone App and text messaging service? I didn't! Now it will be so easy to make healthier, more 'green' choices at the super market!**
***If you're in Boston-Upstairs on the Square is having an all-day benefit for Haiti on Monday. check out the deets here. they are also having an all vegan 'slow food' prix fixe on Wednesday. I think i just have to go.


Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) said...

it's so awesome about the potluck...900 people, wow, that's amazing!

tpain said...

you're so amazing.
and how cool to see joel salatin!!!!

Lori said...

Wow, what an event. So glad it went well. I'd love to see Joel Salatin speak sometime. He's such an inspiration!

Gena said...

I enjoyed reading this, and Jessica's review! Looks like a really fun event :)