Friday, January 8, 2010

My House is a Cheesecake Factory

Is a Sinfully Guilt-less cheesecake an oxymoron?? Not anymore!!!

Raw Chocolate Cheesecake
**Inspired by Pure 2 Raw Cheese Cake**
1 cup walnut halves
1/3 cup medjool dates (pitted)
1 cup unsweetened coconut flakes
pinch sea salt
1 tsp vanilla
Directions: Place all ingredients into food processor.

Pulse till combined
Press into bottom of a 8in spring board pan, lined with parchment paper
1 3/4 cups raw cashews
1/2 cup coconut oil
1/2 cup light agave
1/2 cup water
pinch sea salt
1 tbsp vanilla
3/4 cup dark unsweetened coco powder *what i had on hand-use raw cacao powder to make 100% raw*
Directions: Place cashew butter, agave, water, sea salt and vanilla to blender. Blend till smooth. Add in the coconut oil and blend. Then add the with coco powder.

Put in freezer for until ready to serve

The filling is quite fudge-like, and oh so delicious!! Even my very raw-skeptical sister loved it!

Special Thanks to my favorite Raw Twins for this, along with all of their other amazing recipes!! Their running the Disney Marathon Tomorrow so be sure to stop by and wish them luck!!!

** In the Wednesday Food Section of the Boston Globe, they highlighted some of the vegan/raw/vegetarian restaurants in the area, and proclaimed that Boston is a Health Food Mecca. While it mentioned some of my favorite local restaurants, there is still plenty room for growth and we are still no where close to beating NYC or SF for delicious, healthy eats!! The Article can be found here **


Lori said...

This sounds great! I had a raw cheesecake when a coconut crust when I was out in SF and it was fantastic.

Kristen @ Simply Savor said...

yumm that looks AH-mazing!! love the puretwins recipes! hope to try this soon! happy friday, dear!

Allie (Live Laugh Eat) said...

I love raw recipes! They are just so fun to make...and no wait time for the oven. Your creation looks amazing--great job girl!!

Gina said...

I looove cheesecake, that looks awesome. Although, I've always been a bigger fan of just plain old cheesecake and not the flavored kinds. Its not raw, but I keep meaning to try the recipe in Vegan Gourmet (something like that...)