Saturday, January 2, 2010

Oh the weather outside is Frightful

But, Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!
Hope everyone's decade is off to a fresh start!!!
I'm bundled up at home-drinking lots of tea, and leaving the house only for work, the gym, yoga, and whole foods.
A quick recap of my winter break thus far:
spent quality family and friend time,
with champagne, ugly sweaters, and houses full of laughter.

are you two sisters? NO..........yessssss (**night in roxbury, anyone??**)
Nom-nom-nom-ed on all my mom's homemade preserves

peaches and the best salsa in the world!
Made Sunflower seed milk + more raw treats (recipes coming soon!!)

Got a lot of christmas booty, even though I didn't ask for anything

my itunes was in serious need of some tunesss

glass straws (so eco and appropriate for hot coffee too!! these teeth are staying white!) and Pollan's latest book!

headband, socks, amazing raisins, and massage balls

um, how did my big sis know all I needed in life was a lunchbox, [meandgoji] and flower-shaped measuring cups??
Adorned my knuckles with the best fake tats ever

veganluv y'all
ate "chedder-cheese" cauliflower

made home-made marshmallows with my mother. a delicious sugar-coated culinary experiment.

Loved me some Avatar

Danced last night of 2009 away and welcomed the new year whole-heartedly!! Started the first morning of 2010 at an Inten-Sati class which was probably the most inspiring, affirmative group-exercise class I've ever taken!!

Have a great weekend!!


Cora said...

Love the mix of pix and words Elizabeth! Thanks!

Jess said...

I definitely thought I was the only one walking the Earth that still made "Night at the Roxbury" references. Looks like you got all sorts of good stuff! Talk soon-

Annabelle Ho said...

those peaches look delicious, and those raisins truly are amazing. looks like your winter break went off to a great start!!