Monday, January 11, 2010

Purely Elizabeth: Betty's Got Nothing on us!

Watch out Betty Crocker-there's a new Elizabeth in town!

Thanks to a Twitter Giveaway, iIreceived a Huge package from Elizabeth of Purely Elizabeth. I spotted her products in the twitter-verse over the past few months and had been meaning to check it out. This presented a fabulous opportunity.
I also discovered that besides sharing my name, she too, attended BU. Oh the coincidences! We also have similar tastes: in the package she also included some of her favorite gluten-free treats. they included-larabars, Gnosis chocolate, Vega products and single-serving peanut butter-Delicious!!

Purely Elizabeth is a line of gluten, dairy and sugar-free baking mixes. Using high quality ingredients,whole grains, flax, hemp and chia seeds. There are currently 4 products in this line including:
  • ultimate cacao muffins
  • perfect pancake mix*
  • banana maple muffins *
  • apple spice muffins

First- the blueberry muffin baking mix

The instructions were simple enough-add 1 egg, 1/2 cup olive oil, 1 cup blueberries, 1/2 cup maple syrup, and 1 tsp vanilla, put in muffin cups, and bake! But, in true Elizabeth style I subbed,1TBS flax meal + 3TBS water for the egg, Stevia instead of the maple syrup; and Applesauce instead of olive oil.

NOTE: I am not a baker, and no good at following recipes. My roommates like to play the game-lets guess what Elizabeth substituted in this!! I like playing around with recipes way too much to be a great baker-let's call me a cook!

Verdict: Good! I enjoyed the combination of blueberry and maple and liked the texture of the gluten-free flours. The blend of millet, corn, almond, and coconut flour made an excellent substitute for traditional wheat flour. Chia, flax and hemp seed add omega-3 They would have risen more, and been less salty if I had followed the recipe exactly, but I enjoyed then!

I brought home the pancake mix to share with my gluten-free mother, and she stuck to the recipe with excellent results!

Go Get it while it's hot!! DailyCandy named Purely Elizabeth Sweetest Thing in Food for 2009!

Thank you Elizabeth for sharing your products with me, and creating these fabulous products, with an excellent mission statement:
**eat purely. live purely. Purely Elizabeth ***

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