Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's a Miracle!!

go ask alice....
No, I have never done acid or smoked hash, but now I can say I have gone Taste Tripping!
Ever since reading this article in the New York Times I have wanted to experiment with miracle fruit. So, since no one I knew was throwing that party any time soon, I decided to do it myself!

From said Article:

The miracle fruit, Synsepalum dulcificum, is native to West Africa and has been known to Westerners since the 18th century. The cause of the reaction is a protein called miraculin, which binds with the taste buds and acts as a sweetness inducer when it comes in contact with acids, according to a scientist who has studied the fruit, Linda Bartoshuk at the University of Florida’s Center for Smell and Taste. Dr. Bartoshuk said she did not know of any dangers associated with eating miracle fruit.

There's all sorts of rumors that the only reason it used to be banned by the FDA was do to the lucrative business and power of non-nutritive sweeteners currently on the market. But the appeal of a natural fruit, that could do what splenda and stevia, and good ol' plain sugar could do, was very enticing.

I ordered the berries from Miracle Fruit Man, which had excellent customer service and got the berries to me, freeze-dried in 2 days, from Florida.

Then I gathered supplies

and let the party begin

my apartment pretty much reached capacity

Janel and her friend Nicole even stopped by!

I have never been so nervous over food in my life. I was so afraid it wouldn't work-that I'd eat this berry and lemons would still make me pucker. But after chewing the berry, which tasted pleasant enough, for about a minute, I grabbed a lemon wedge and practically reached nirvana.

Lemons tasted like lemon drop candy! Blackberries were divine, and grapefruit sublime. Vinegar and Wine tasted like juice, siracha chili sauce was pleasant.

Double Chocolate Stout and Guinness tasted like chocolate milkshakes, and I'm a beer hater. Broccoli with lemon juice was sweet, and possibly an acquired taste. personally i love my broccoli just the way it is!

For two hours my tastebuds were altered and I was in a lemony state of bliss, while running up and down to let guests in. Miracle Fruit is at the top of my food-related experiences and I highly recommend it! The effects are different for everyone though, I have two friends who had mild or no response to the fruit, which is always a disappointment. If you get the chance, I highly recommend you plunge teeth first into the magical world of miracle fruit!


Turkeyphant said...

Awesome - sounds like fun. I think I'll try ordering some from

prettygreengirl said...

How fun! I've always wanted to try that!

PS: Happy belated blogiversary!

Michelle @ Find Your Balance said...

Ha! Fun party idea. I think I've heard of this miracle fruit but hadn't heard such rave reviews. Cool!

Nicole Chow - said...

This sounds like so much fun! I can't believe vinegar actually tasted like juice..crazy! What a cool idea for a party. It sounds like you had a blast. BTW, did you get drunk faster because you couldn't really taste the alcohol?

Ricki said...

Sounds amazing! I won some miracle fruit tablets (not the actual fruit, I guess) in a blog contest and have been saving them until I can actually eat all the foods I want to try that way! Your experience does sound enticing, though--it's just a strange concept!