Saturday, March 20, 2010

Green Love

This week my Irish eyes were smiling with the gorgeous weather that graced Boston! The lovely days are supposed to continue all weekend, but I'll be in Chicago. Many recaps to come, soon, soon, I swear!

So, Let's Green up St Pattys Week with some things I'm loving!
  • BikeLoc- Robert and Aaron are trying to win $5,000 for a cross-country bike trip, eating only local foods at potlucks! vote for them here I just love this idea-check out their twitter and blog!
"The only skills you need to make it in the world are belief in yourself, curiosity about the world, love for people and life, and the passion for being IN every moment. and the real world? What is the real world? The real world should be defined by how many passionate people can we find to do jobs that they adore and skip to work to do. If everyone did what they dreamed in their wildest dreams, forgot about being realistic and just took the leap….How beautiful would the world be?" -Mei Ratz

Hope You have a wonderfully green and sunny weekend!

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Nicole Chow - said...

I love this quote by Mei Ratz. It's beautiful and so true. I think often times we force ourselves to stay in jobs/roles that we don't like and in turn, that distaste starts to manifest itself into other things. We have to remind ourselves that we are worth it. We deserve to be happy; and we deserve to be at peace. And, when we do what we love, we have no choice but to be successful.