Monday, April 19, 2010

Dinners at 76

Back in February, I went with Julia to the most interesting of dinners, a Dinner at 76. The entire concept of underground dining fascinates me I was very excited to hear of these two chefs opening up their homes and kitchens to a select group of individuals for themed, vegetarian meals. Once their website was up we rapidly RSVPd into the Mexican Themed dinner, and they were even accommodating of my vegan requests

Their website has a recap with gorgeous photos (i want a DSLR so badly!) but here's my mini recep, reppin' the canon powershot!
not pictured: Sangria (the secret ingredient was pineapple-shh!)
and homemade tortilla chips with homemade salsa

"tortilla soup"

Huitlacoche and mushroom enchiladas with black beans and tomatillo salsa.

Margarita flan, which had the perfect consistency and jiggle.
"like a woman's breast"

Mexican Hot chocolate

Second Dessert Course
open-faced chili relleno with chocolate and a shot of horchata slushie

The food, the company, the chefs, all unbelievable! The menu was very innovative, and I was wowed with every course. The deconstructed tortilla soup was a stroke of genius, as was the dessert chile relleno. This was my first time tasting huitlacoche and it wasn't bad at all! They were daring to use it as a main ingredient in the main course, but it turned out wonderfully! I would gladly go back again!

I almost don't want to share this secret-but head over to dinners @ 76 and check out their planned dinners. Be quick to register because these underground chefs sell out of seats quickly!


El said...

Definitely love the hot chocolate. Looks like quite a feast!

Janel said...

I heard about underground dinners out in Cali but didn't know there was one HERE!!! When are you going next? I'm totally tagging along :)

Nicole Chow - said...

WOW! Never knew there was such a thing but it sounds so intriguing! Sorta like an after hours club, huh? All of that food looked totally amazing. I want a DSLR, too!

BTW, MegaFruit will be available for purchase on Amazon Grocery soon. I will let you know as soon as I hear word.

Have an awesome weekend!