Thursday, April 29, 2010

It was a SLOW weekend

Slow is never a word any one would use to describe most of my life. But I am a strong supporter of the Slow Food Movement, and got to especially embrace that this past week.
First, Slow Food BU participated in Earth Day activities at BU by giving away free Fair Trade Sundaes. AnnaB did a great recap here. We want to see BU start to offer Fair Trade Bananas for sale all over campus.

There's no way Bananas can be Local in new england, so at least make them Fair!!

Slow can have a very positive connotation. While most of my life is fast-fast paced, racing around, multi-tasking, running faster, getting done faster, It is also important to balance it out, and SLOW down every once in a while. And there is no better way to do that, then lingering over a long meal.

I sneaked my way onto the guestlist for my second Dinner at 76- Vegan Iron Chef.

Each guest submitted an ingredient that we would like featured, and then combined these with lovely results. My pick was Pea Tendrils!

first course: Pea Tendril Mojito
Pumpernickel bread and "coffee date" spread.

Jasmine Miso Soup

Coffee braised Portabello Mushrooms over a purple carrot-parsnip mash, wilted pea tendrils and pickled mango.

Jasmine Ginger ice cream with sticky rice and mango.
**nicer photos of our evening and recipes can be found here**
It was neat to talk with Luke about how he gets inspiration for his meals, and it just reiterated to me that I need to put more thought and effort into making my food more aesthetically pleasing, and be a bit more daring. I would have never mixed some of the flavors they experimented with, but the end result was delightful. I was so happy that they decided to have an entirely vegan meal, and the other guests were pleasantly surprised, an excellent first vegetarian meal for some. Lingering 4 hour over a meal is also a delightful experience. Once I move into my new apartment I shall be having many more dinner parties. Our kitchen and living room are currently not very conducive to being a gracious hostess.

I volunteered for Slow Food Boston in the first ever SlowFest-a celebration of local food and brew. It was a really fun event. I'm not a beer lover but Boston beer works has a good blueberry ale and how could anyone not like Cassis Lambic??

My duties included slicing bread from Iggys +talking to people about SFBoston. easy peasy
I also got to help Erin from Don Otto's market-the new hyper-local market in Boston

coffee>>>beer in my book. especially Rao's

an amazing selection of mustrards from Sherman Market and pretzels from Cusine En Locale

Hummus from Nourish-must go soon!

An excellent weekend and I definitely need to take more SLOW weekends!

Are you a slow foodie? What as the last AMAZING meal you had? Enjoy the upcoming weekend!

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