Monday, April 26, 2010

Spring Breakjavik in the Land of Fire and Ice

For spring break I went with 3 friends to Iceland, and here's a little recap, if you care to know what the Land of Fire and Ice is all about! It was an excellent adventure, a quick 5 hr direct flight from boston to a whole different world:

The Sights: The otherworldly sounds of sigur ros and bjork are the perfect backdrop for the moonscape of iceland.

Reminiscent of JRR Tolkien's Middle Earth, the landscape is breath taking. Geothermal hotsprings, Volcanos, THE Geysir, sea, fields, and streams.

oh amber waves of grain

and being total tourists

my little pony
Hot Springs:
Our favorite excursion was to run to a new YMCA style hot springs/pool.

you can run anywhere.

Being Vegan: Was not as hard as I anticipated. Our hotel had a lovely continental breakfast with museli and bread every morning.

i'm a muesli mouse!
I also made Priyanka go to almost every single grocerystore in the entire country. It's a hobby/obsession of mine. Hands down favorite: Bonus. Deals.

A Naestru Grosum in the middle of RKK is an all vegetarian restaurant with large portions, low prices, and delicious food.

soup salad and whole grain bread with hummus-nomnomnom
Hey, Bill Clinton said it was the "Best Vegetarian restaurant in the world."

I approve.
And of course-a diet staple-bread!!

Rugbrand you have my heart.
This moist, steamed rye bread was my favorite and quite addicting. Others agreed:

Or Not: I did try the famous icelandic Skyrr, a thick, protein rich yogurt (priyanka has an obsession with it-the blog is coming soon). It's very similar to greek yogurt and can be found in many Whole Foods under the brand name of Siggis. I think this may be a key component of the Icelandic Paradox-how does a country with minimal vegetable intake stay so supermodel skinny??

They also have soy yogurt-decent.

Also, I loved finding American influences. Like this:

cool american. you may know it as cool ranch.

Drinks- on Friday and Saturday evenings, everyone, ages 14-55 goes to house parties until about midnight, and then starts a bar crawl around downtown that lasts until 5am. It felt just like home, except that everything stays open. Although bars and clubs are constantly going in and out of style I highly recommend b5-it has a statue of a black stallion in the front window-you can't miss it.
Icelandic schnapps are worth trying, just for the experience, but unless you love salty-licorice-flavored-mint, it might not be your favorite thing. There's a reason Brennivan is called "black death"

We went out to a couple of clubs, but like any city the hip and happening are constantly changing, so check before you go. Note: they are pushers and shovers. bruises are a badge to be worn with honor.
The Best store ever:

Iceland-Check. Wanderlust satisfied-for a week or so....


Travel Eat Love said...

Oh I loved reading this! Totally made me relive our fabulous Iceland trip last spring. I loved A Naestu Grosum so much! That food is the epitome of cozy!

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Jill said...

Sounds like you had a great time in Iceland. You didn't have any delays with the volcanic ash situation? Looks like you even founds some good vegan eats :) Did you manage to find any sweets?

Lori said...

Fantastic! Iceland is on the list. I'm always so intrigued by it. Love your supermarket pics too. I can spend hours in a foreign supermarket comparing and contrasting it with those in the US. And of course checking out what flavors of chips and candy the big companies have created for the local tastes.