Monday, April 12, 2010

Thrive Fitness

The lovely people at Vega asked me if I would like to read and review Brendan Brazier's new book-Thrive Fitness and of course I said yes! I really enjoyed his book Thrive, and was looking forward to see what he would say in his Fitness-specific book.

For those of you who don't know, Brazier is a Iron Man Triathlete who eats an entirely plant-based diet, and has credited optimal nutrition in his success as an elite athlete. But, this book was not writen for professional athletes-those god-like individuals whose job it is to work out and preform. This book is for everyone-from those just starting out a fitness plan, to those who are currently working out on a regular level. He claims that the Thrive Fitness Plan will reduce body fat, build lean functional muscles (sorry juice-heads!), significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and boost mental power. In fact, it is more than just a plan- "It's a way of life." Brazier aims to reduce junk miles and inefficient training to optimize performance and health. Why waste your time and energy unless its a good investment, he asks.
This plan claims to help you to break free from the plateau you are stuck at by training smarter. He illustrates how to effectively incorporate a weight training program into endurance training to increase muscle strength without bulking up.

'Improving continually is as close to perfection as anyone can hope to get'

He gives a step-by-step program to take you to the next level in your training. It incorporates breathwork, stretching, and circuit training. Strength training for endurance athletes.
I especially liked his section on travel exercise tips-like bringing resistance bands with you so you can exercise in your room if there is no gym. He also brings along a set of Jungle Gym ropes (also sold as TRX) which allow you to do traditional strength exercises like dips and presses, using just your bodu weight. They had a set of these at a gym I tried and I thought they gave me a great workout!

The last thing he describes is how to increase your max oxygen consumption in less than 20 minute a week.

He goes back over the vegan nutrition principles he outlined in Thrive, and emphasizes a whole food plant-based diet. He illustrates the importance of proper pre and post work-out fuel/refueling and gives some delicious recipes. They incorporate coconut water, chia seeds, yerba mate, hemp/pea protein, and plenty of fruits and vegetables. He reiterates the points from his first book Thrive about The Thrive lifestyle which is made of foods that are Raw or cooked at low temperature, Nutrient dense whole foods, Non-stimulating (sorry-no coffee!)

We're all time-starved and hectic, Brendan shares tips on how to fit effective exercise and sound nutrition into every schedule. I thought this was a good book to reiterate some basic training principles, and it reminded me that I need to incorporate more strength training in my workout. I would recommend it to those who are brand new to endurance training, and also those who have been preforming and training at one level for awhile, to take their performance up to the next level. I'll keep you posted on how it helps me!

'One of the best ways to predict your future is to create it.'
-Abraham Lincoln

Thank you Kelly and the whole Vega team!


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Pure2raw twins said...

I got to meet Brendan!! He is so amazing!

Ricki said...

Sounds like a great book. I love using Vega in smoothies, too. Must check this out!

Lori said...

Great book review! I loved his first book... read it cover to cover quite a few times while I trained for my first marathon last year. But I have yet to get my hands on his new book! Can't wait to read it!