Friday, April 2, 2010

Words of Advice

My favorite question during the interviews I just conducted was, if there was just one thing you could tell the American public to do to improve their health-what would it be?? I got a wonderful array of answers:
Jessica Maillet There is one thing per person, and it's not me telling you what to do, it's what works for you. Oh and eat more kale"
Janel -Pack lunch and have 1 serving of fruits or veg with every meal or snack!
Michele- MOVE!

Paula Quatromoni -Make the food service industry accountable. McDonalds shouldn’t be allowed to have ad campaigns that say “Eat like an Olympian.” It’s irresponsible and sends a double message. How can magazines like Family circle have covers with a tagline like “how to lose weight” and then feature a picture of a cake? This only makes people feel powerless, confused, and not empowered.
Joan Salge-Blake-Eat more fruits and vegetables. I would save a lot of lives if everyone did just that.

Kris Mogensen-Exercise! Not just cardio, but strength training as well.
Sarah Butler: Worrying about your weight and body image could possibly lead to emotional consequences which could even be more detrimental to your health than being slightly overweight. Just make steps, to care for yourself, which includes eating nutritious foods and exercise moderately. If you continue to worry about your weight and whether or not you are healthy, seek the advice of a registered dietitian in your area.

Laura Thompson: The more you move the more you get to eat. If you want to eat a lot, then exercise a lot. oh and Don’t eat special k

Thank you to all of these amazing women and RDs who shared their experience and knowledge with me!

What's the #1 thing you do to stay healthy? Care to Share?

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challenges2010 said...

I try to avoid "white death"! (salt,sugar,white flour)