Monday, May 17, 2010

Gas Station Burritos.

A friend told me that they had the best meal the other night, and I truly had to see this place to believe it. Tales of a little Mexican restaurant, in a gas station, in Beacon Hill, seemed to crazy to be true. Low and behold, I found Villa Mexico Cafe, and it was muy excellente!!
Within your average gas station convenience store, nestled between the Doritos and the mtn dew, is a little burrito station, where two employees make fresh burritos, taco, tamales, and tostados.

Veggie no cheese burrito
Tons of vegetables, and beans, and very little rice-just the way I like it! The salsa and sauces that were in the burrito tasted delightfully smoked.
filling and oh so satisfying.

And an added touch-a mint, to kill the burrito breath afterward.

so fresh
Villa Mexico, Tu tienes mi corazón.

You can find them here, and a googlemap of the location here


Janel said...

Gramps!??!!? Oh my goodness I used to live a stones throw away from that place and don't even think I set foot inside ever. Who knew!?

Jess said...

Gotta love gas station grub like that! When I was WWOOFing in CO, we took a road trip to Aspen and bought some tamales at a gas station tamale station similar to your burrito station pictured above. Best tamales of my life.