Friday, May 21, 2010

New Openings: Farmers Markets and Vegan Cupcakes

I adore the transition between spring and summer. days are warmer and longer, but it's not too hot yet, and Boston may decide to just downpour every once in a while. Change is in the air, in the world, in my life. Classes are over, work has began, and a reshifting of priorities and free time is happening. Doors are opening. Not just personally, but also around Boston.

On Tuesday Copley Farmers Market opened. One of my favorite Markets in Boston, and where I fill any CSA gaps. There were mainly greens, and plants for your own garden, but I found these little jewels from Atlas farm:

I will be returning many Tuesdays and Fridays this summer

Also, CherryBomb, a new cupcake shop in Boston opened on Thursday, and Janel and I went to scope out their vegan cupcake selection.

I was very impressed by the wide array of vegan products, and resisted the urge to buy one of each. A repeat visit is necessary.

sometimes you just need a little white sugar....

their signature Cherry Bomb Cupcake, with cherries throughout, and a very fluffy icing

A basil-olive oil cookie. Intriguing.

I love having friends to share sweet treats with!

Hope your weekend is super sweet!

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