Friday, May 14, 2010

SuperStar Love

Links I am LOVING this week!

-Rappin about Healthy food. Add it to your playlist:

-Superstar eating: Listen to your Hunger. Geneen Roth is the author of Women, Food, and God, and I just love her eating guidelines. Fight emotional binge eating, and yo-yo dieting, by listening to your body and its true hunger. Listen to her explain her guidelines here I'm really trying to work on this.

-Feel like a superstar by Boosting Your Self Esteem! Studies show that just five minutes of outdoor exercise each day can boost self esteem

-Superstars Run Far, ON Plants: Scott Jurek, Renowed ultra-marathoner, talks about vegan diets, as interviewed by Mark Bittman, here I agree 200% when he says "This isn’t an elimination diet but an inclusion diet."

-the REAL Superstar: Things Madonna and I have in Common: 1. We both love Coconut water. 2...........?

Jam-Packed weekend, with work, new restaurants to try, yoga,& TedX Cambridge!
What's on your agenda??


KimsRunning said...

I haven't heard anything about coconut water!!!! I'll have to look into that....

Cora said...

Coconut is yummy and Geneen Roth is a teacher at Integrative Nutrition. She rocked my world!!! Love you Elizabeth...thanks so much for the tips~