Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How Do You Eat? TEDx Cambridge Recap

I was lucky enough to volunteer and attend TEDXCambridge this Sunday. Inspired by Jamie Oliver’s Ted Talk, a gathering of people to share their "ideas worth spreading."

The Program, and Speakers were fantastic. A brilliant group of organizers pulled off a flawless show. The name tags and program were all menu-style and they stuck amazingly close to the food theme.

I was only able to attend the third session and after-party but it was well, well worth it.
Here I've gathered a few of my thoughts, and many of these things I continue to ruminate over. Live Tweets can be seen here #TedXC

-NYTimes Perfume Critic Chandler Burr & his 'swat team of scent' assailed our noses with a flight of beautiful aromas. "Perfume is an art. wine is not." His lovely use of adjectives heightened smell to a whole other level-"a spectacular scent ..one of the most limpid, lovely ,fruity, light neoclassical, post-modern perfumes" I loved his book' The Emperor of Scent," and his passion shines through in all that he does. I'm Dying to go to one of his "scent dinners"

-The Neuroscience behind why some foods taste bad with Don Katz. Sweet is good, bitter is bad, but through experience this can be rewired. Looking forward to investigating the epigenetics of taste soon.

-Wylie Dufresne of WD50, one of America's top chefs leading the molecular gastronomy revolution: "how you eat is intrinsically linked to how you cook"

-A very interesting talk from Dan Barber about ethical Fois Gras, and Spain's Goosewhisperer.

-Fransico Migoya and the science of chocolate (which I have already heard, in depth from Naveen) Sampling of Black Truffle Dark Chocolate Bubbles. and a reminder that Vegetarians are people too (too bad he only brought 2 french toast chocolate bars sans bacon).

-Coco Krumme- The more expensive you tell people a bottle of wine is, the more they will like it. You can also use the descriptor words on a bottle to determine the price of the wine: A "velvet" wine is probably expensive, while a "bight juicy" wine is probably cheap.

-John Gersten-Mixologist and Drink Bar Manager. Old is new again, and What's outside the glass is more important than the drink.

-Kenji Alt of The Good Eater and@thefoodlab :'Free yourself from recipes' and every time you cook you are preforming a science experiment

-Wheeler's Black Label Vegan Ice Cream, Drink, Savenors, and Chive (sustainable catering) sponsored the Reception, and I had a brief stint as a wine-pourer.

-Seeing Wheeler, Jared & Andrew, the men of Observational Gastrophysics, Shayna of MIT Food and Ag Collab, Willow of Slow Food Boston, and Wayne of Renewacyle.

-Drinking Capsacian Spiced Elixer-out of this world good!

Being surrounded by people who were deeply passionate about what they were doing/studying/selling is always an inspiration to me. Tino took some gorgeous photos, and Naveen's still glowing.

Check out the Official Blog and Website of TedXCambridge, and keep your eye out for future inspiration from this crew!

priyanka and I make kickass volunteers fyi

So, How Do YOU Eat?

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