Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Food For Your Whole Life-Day 1

Watch out NYC-Boston Nutrition Bloggers are here and ready to rock and roll! Corinne, Lindsey, Janel, Jess and I arrived at the Food for Your Whole Life Symposium Saturday morning. We got out of the elevator to a very crowded ballroom where we checked in and checked out some of the presentation boards.
We learned about Walnuts, pears, lentils, wild blueberries and Healthcorps,

Corinne loves blueberries almost as much as grapes!

pears and containers that prevent bruising are also well loved!

the lovely nutrition ladies of goodhousekeeping- Steph and Suzanne
then took our seats to see Dr. Oz speak.

Jess tweeting away!
We were tweeting away the entire conference and you can see the stream for #ffywl here and of course, follow me here

Dr. Oz and Roizen were the celebrity Doctors, and shared the story of Rocco, a meat and potato loving cowboy who switched to a vegan diet for 28 days, and cured his Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and osteoarthritis, showing that genes can be changed with lifestyle and diet changes. Prevention is much cheaper and easier than fixing heart disease. And NUTRITION is the first stepYou and your choices control over 70% of how well and long you live. Loving yourself is the first step towards positive change away from unhealthy addictions. It’s ok if you make a mistake-just get back on track right away. Make smart eating your lifestyle, and be committed for the long run. This is a marathon we should all want to win! The Sherlock Holmes of food, Dr. Wansink talked about fighting the food fight at home. Since I just love his book, and highly recommend you buy it- I'm devoting an entire post to the topic of Mindless Eating tomorrow!

Dr. David Katz, integrative medicine expert and creator of NuVal recited an amazing poem about nutrition and health. He also discussed dietary darwinism, and how we should eat natural, whole food, mostly plants (hello Michael Pollan!) You can nurture Nature.

Chefs Jamie Lauren, Mollie Katzen and Rocco DiSpirto showed that healthy good food can taste good too! Mollie is a world-renowned chef and cookbook author and her cookbooks were staples in the Jarrard household growing up. We still make her basic hummus on a regular basis, and it was such a joy to meet her!

It was inspiring to see over 1000 people sitting in a conference all day Sunday, from all walks of life-both health professionals and the general public.

The theme of the weekend is definitely Plant-Based Nutrition and making healthy food more accessible. American's need to get away from sitting on the couch watching FoodNetwork, and actually get in their kitchen. Also the notion that Diets do not have to be tough. When you're in the grocery store, stick to the outer aisles, where the produce is, and don't be sway by the siren song of processed junk food. Make decisions about your diet in the grocery store, NOT in your home. Don't sabotage your health with secret stashes of food.

After a very long day (10-5 with, no food and not enough water!!) we joined the speakers and other media guests at a special reception with lots of walnuts!

both hot n cold walnuts
We talked with Mollie and Brian, and took some great pictures.

Janel Jess and I with Mollie!

Then we joined two great RDs, Jaime Schwatz and Kate for a delicious dinner at Josie's East.

Then it was off to bed, to try to get a few hours of sleep before another whirlwind, amazing day!

Check back here for recaps on the rest of the conference, and also see these posts, for different perspectives, and pictures!

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What is one small change YOU can make today to improve your health??

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Dr John said...

Excellent re-cap and photos: teaching people to cook and helping people shop smart is the only way we're going to turn obesity and diabetes around.

We've posted over 100 free ChefMD recipes/video/nutrition facts--healthy, fun, easy and quick== on http://ChefMD.com, which I did for Health Corner on Lifetime TV, and on YouTube: check it out!

And Mollie Katzen is a hero! So glad to see so many cooks, clinicians and bloggers there, inspiring others.

John La Puma, MD