Saturday, June 5, 2010

I Love New York

I am very excited for a Jam Packed weekend with Steph, Corrine, Jessica, Janel and Lindsey at the Food For Your Whole Life Symposium! We are going to see some amazing speakers and network with a fantastic group of health and nutrition professionals!

Thanks to some of my favorite NYC bloggers, (thanks FitChickNYC, Gena, and Melissa!!) and city friends I have so many great things to do/see/eat/drink!
Here is some of what's to come:
A Trapeze class at NYC Circus Arts
Free Yoga thanks to Lululemon
Intro class at S Factor
Free Admission to the MET, and Guggenheim
Union Sq Farmers Market
and hopefully, meals at ABC Kitchen, Energy Kitchen, Quintessence, Peacefood Cafe, Souen, and Dirt Candy
and maybe a class at Physique 57 and SoulCycle (why are all fitness classes $30 in NYC??$$$)

If you have any more recommendations, let me know!

Spreading the Blog Love: In other news, two good friends and amazing women just started their own blogs! Priyanka (best friend, my marathon buddy, future Doctor, fellow cocktail lover, and TedX counterpart, who has plans to save the world, ) will document her love of yogurt at YOGURL: A dairy Diary. Stephanie, a grad student here at BU and currently interning with Good Housekeeping Magazine, and who's couch I will be crashing on in Manhattan, just got her Blog, Food For Real up and running. The first posts are excellent and I look forward to hearing more. For more Blogs that I love-look to your Right --->>

Elizabeth Jarrard: Dictator: Adding this title to my resume for sure! I've been approved as a "dictator" of City Search Boston-Check out my first list of vegan restaurants in Boston! I'll keep you posted on my future plans to take over the world!

Mindful Month:
Thank you for all of your great comments on my review of Women Food and God! I wish I had 100 copies I could give away!! It's currently making it's rounds amongst my friends, and we have quite a queue! I have been diligently eating without distraction, which has been harder than expected. I am a huge fan of doing a million things at once, but I think it has been really nice to slow down, and take those 10 minutes out of my day, to concentrate on one thing: savoring my solitary meals. My schedule is all over the place, and I eat on the run and in front of the computer far too much. And unless I have explicit plans to eat out with a friend, I am more often than not eating by myself. But I enjoy my company! The hardest thing has been not to simultaneously read emails on my crackberry and shove food in my face in my 30 min break at work.

Let me know how your mindful month has been going thus far! Have an excellent weekend!

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