Saturday, June 12, 2010

I really do love NYC

"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself"

I just adore NYC-High Energy, Healthy food, Gorgeous people, and Great outfits are everywhere you look! People rushing on their way to work, and running through central park, it all made me feel even more alive.
Work was great enough to give me a few extra days off around the Symposium, so I took advantage of that! I stayed with the lovely Stephanie in her apartment that overlooks Central Park (ooooooo), and had some amazing outtings and eats. Here's a brief summary:

Raw Brunch at Quintessence Restaurant
raw vegan brunch after staying out until 5 am in the city that never sleeps? nothin' better.
I got the fofu rancheros-raw foodies don't eat tofu so this was made from cashews and irish moss. interesting...... I was starving so i gladly ate it up!

and I just couldn't say no to a raw tiramisu.


guiltless dessert? Yes please!

me, sarah and steph
See Steph's take on our Raw Food brunch here
And then i ran away to the circus....

A belly full of amazing raw food I headed to NYC Circus Arts to take an intro to trapeze class. If you couldn't tell-im a little obsessed with flying. Well I'm not planning on running away to the circus anytime soon, but it was a fun class to take! You don't get very in depth in the intro class, but I got a sneak preview of the series classes and those looke amazing. Aeriel dance is gorgeous.

Back in Manhattan we decided to get dinner at Angelica's Kitchen -(seriously, the number of amazing, organic, vegan restaurants in the city is both so exciting and overwhelming! i could eat anywhere!!)

my dinner companions, GF cornbread and chickpea cashew spread

Then I shacked up with some other lovely ladies and we got into conference mode

After a worldwind symposium, I met up with my dear Aunt and her significant other for Dinner at Pure Food and Wine We got to sit out in the back garden, and it was a gorgeous night!

raw spankopita-not too heavy, delicioius!!

The best raw dessert I have ever had-strawberry-rhubarb soup with a pink peppercorn granita, "greek yogurt", and fresh strawberries.

beautifully plated strawberry shortcake. we shared, i swear!
After a refreshing night in Brooklyn, and a beautiful run through Prospect Park (marathon training has begun!), I crossed the river and had brunch with myself at Peacefood Cafe: roasted japanese pumpkin sandwich on whole spelt rye bread with walnuts, sprouts and vegan goat cheese.

Delicious AND they have wi-fi!

After dropping off my bag at Steph's I jogged over to S-Factor for a oh-so-fun class!

Kitchen Gods:

Steph and I pre-empted this article in Time Magazine, and had dinner/saw two celebrity chefs on Tuesday First: dinner at Momofuku (rising chef David Chang's noodle bar)

I am obsessed with his Soju slushies!!! Hibiscus + Yuzu Palmer. AMAZING

the perks of sitting right at the bar of an open kitchen

Although, I'm sure I'm one of the people chang would hate, they agreed to hold the pork on my rice cakes. they were delicious.

Steph's shitake steamed bun and amazing sugar snap peas with fresh horseradish

and then a unexpected stop by Tu-lu's gluten free bakery from a whole grain, vegan cookie.

ingredients: almond flour, coconut, agave, choc chips, cherries, banana

We popped into Anthony Bourdain reading his new book Medium rare at Barnes and Noble. There was no way I was standing in that 500+ person line for a signiture though!

An amazing week. I was quite sad to say good-bye to those bright lights, but I'll be back again soon!

Don't White Sugar Coat-It has a new look! Any feedback?? What are some of your favorite places in NYC? I'll be back in a week and am always on the lookout for recommendations!! Have a super-duper weekend!


mgonyeo said...

I'm so jealous! It looks like you had an amazing time in NYC!

Priyanka said...

All that food looks so good!!! I want.

Stephanie Horton said...

What a great recap of the amazing week! Love the blog's new look. Very polished, very fun!