Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I was a bride married to amazement....

I am thoroughly in love with my life right now. I want to shout my joy from the rooftops. the past week has been such a whirlwind!!

After meeting up with the fabulous Kara Lydon at the Stuff Food Issue release party, I headed Cambridgeside, to join my TedX friends at Hotel Veritas. After being the entire life of the party at Simple Truth (our experience eloquently summed up here) I got a chance to peek into the most impressive cocktail bar I have ever seen constructed in a Cambridge college apartment. I hope to return soon.

Kevin Liu-tedx, bartending, and carpenter genius
Went Zorbing

yea-we rolled down a hill in a giant plastic bubble
Said a very sad goodbye to Corinne. Boston will miss her dearly. This just gives me another excuse to visit SF though!

she will be missed

I hopped on the bus to NYC to participate in Mind Over Madness Yoga-welcoming the summer solstice with other yogis in Times Square.

My heart was open and I sweated it out in a noon session with Donna Rubin of Bikram Yoga under the brilliant rays of the sun-a a natural studio. 26 poses done twice brought back a feeling of comforting known, in the midst of chaotic unknown.

After hydrating and refueling I returned with Beth and Steph for a Vinyasa Flow with Dana Flynn of Laughing Lotus. An inspirational, fun flow class while we felt like performers as hundreds of spectators watched our harmony.

Reverberating oms drew the soul to a state of bliss. There was something incredibly soothing about 500 people gathering peacefully in the middle of times square to celebrate life and all of its abundance.


The thing we found most intriguing was the number of spectators! Everyone walking by stopped to take pictures, watch, observe, take it all in. And it wasn't a fleeting turn of the head. people stayed... the power of yoga.

yes, this really happened.
We did a James Bond-esque quick change in a hotel restroom and headed to Caravan of Dreams for an amazing all-vegan dinner. Then dropped by Apotheke for our 'prescriptions'.

Strawberry Fennel cocktail convinced me that I need to return asap.

The morning involved a run through Central Park, followed by breakfast, complete with Tea at Alice's Tea Cup

Lunch and Best coffee ever with my aunt and then a long bus ride home

This week I have a dictator party, work at the farmers market, socials for success at alibi, and a cocktail tasting.

Let me leave you with part of Mary Oliver's poem- "When Death Comes":

And therefore I look upon everything
as a brotherhood and a sisterhood,
and I look upon time as no more than an idea,
and I consider eternity as another possibility,

and I think of each life as a flower, as common
as a field daisy, and as singular,

and each name a comfortable music in the mouth
tending as all music does, toward silence,

and each body a lion of courage, and something
precious to the earth.

When it’s over, I want to say: all my life
I was a bride married to amazement.
I was a bridegroom, taking the world into my arms.

When it’s over, I don’t want to wonder
if I have made of my life something particular, and real.
I don’t want to find myself sighing and frightened
or full of argument.

I don’t want to end up simply having visited this world.

~Mary Oliver

Is yoga a spectator sport? Tell me something that made you ecstatic, happy, smile, laugh, shine today!


Stephanie Horton said...

Beautiful post. I loved every line of that poem. Something you said the other night that has totally stuck with me: "I love my life. It is not perfect, but I am happy." I really think that is the be thankful and love your life, to acknowledge its imperfections, accept them and remember how beautiful life is. <3

Baby Sweetness said...

Saw your quote on cheap healthy good (from a LONG time ago) about chickpea blondies that directed here. PLEASE post a link!

Kara said...

what an amazing week! i love that poem too, i recognized it from high school!

Cora said...

Mary Oliver is my fave!! And...I LOVE Caravan of Dreams...what an amazing and inspirational post! You are LIVING my dear!!!

Corinne said...

I definitely demand a visit--make that many visits! xoxox

Jess said...

Love this post!! What an amazing week! Keep up the amazing experiences! :-) Love ya

Help Meghan Run said...

That looks so fun! Just wanted to let you know that I read through your series of posts with RDs, and they were so helpful. I'm considering pursuing nutrition in graduate school (possibly at BU!) so thanks for the perspective!