Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Love makes the World Go Round

Hello Lovelies!
This past week was also lovely, wonderful, and inspiring. I may not have gotten much (any) sleep, but it was all well worth it!!

Wednesday was a CitySearch Dictator event sponsored by the lovely Christine Lui at Sassoon Salon. We got glamtastic, and were treated to consultations, blowouts, Aquavit Cocktails and City Table Appetizers.
image credit: Christine Liu, Citysearch
I opted not to have them flat iron my hair, because with 80%+ humidity, straight hair doesn't stand a chance in my world!!

image credit: Christine Liu, Citysearch
I got to meet some fabulous Boston chicas and I can't wait for some more events! the perks of being a dictator! (want in? fill out this form! )

After fighting away thunderstorms working at the Farmers Market, I did a quick change in the Marriot lobby restroom and headed to the MDA Socials For Success at Alibi Lounge. It was fun talking with new RDs about the myriad of jobs they are currently holding! Everything from bariatric surgery in major hospitals, to working with eating disorder outpatients, and sourcing bananas for Equal Exchange. Very inspiring!!

Then I hopped over to the other side of the River for Cocktails with some serious Mixologist friends! The men of Observational Gastrophysics and TedxCambridge whipped out their shakers, and utilized Kevin's well-stocked liquor closet.

they're serious about their craft
I brought stevia, fresh local strawberries, raspberries and bread, and took full advantage of "ladies first."

The night was an Education on cocktail lore, traditions and history. I learned so much about Flavor pairings, and fun facts like When it is appropriate to use Mole bitters.

awol aflame, vegan taza chocolate martini's and hibiscus lime

All Work, All Play: I worked all weekend, celebrated 2 birthdays, started to plan the 2010-2011 MSDA agenda, and officially decided that Monday nights are my favorite night to go out. I can't tell you how many cocktails i drank, and how little sleep i got-it was epic though, and well-worth it.

There's no place like home: I'm about hop on a plane and head back home. I'm really REALLY excited to see my family and friends, and show Priyanka a bit of wild wyoming.
Plus, And there is a new member of my family I am just DYING to meet!!
Meet Gypsy-the puppy my sister rescued from the pound. She sounds adorable and I can't wait to see her!

i hope to be posting regularly, but who knows where this life will take me! In the meantime, check out these!

How has your week been? What's your favorite part about visiting home? What makes you feel glamorous?


Janel said...

Have a great time at home! I love all your adventures!

Kevin K Liu said...

I will miss all the fun times in Cambridge! Keep up the fun times and I will visit as often as I can :-)

Ricki said...

What an incredible week! It all sounds like so much fun. And your PUPPY!!!! Hope you had a great meeting and that you adore each other. :)

Ricki said...

Not sure if my comment was accepted---darned Blogspot! Anyway, hope you had fun and love your new puppy :)