Friday, July 23, 2010

Home style

July/This entire summer have been such a whirlwind! And sometimes its difficult to both LIVE and recap about it. But I went home for the fourth of July, and it was wonderful seeing dear friends and family, and soaking up some western sun, breathing mountain high air! Here are a few highlights:

  • My Sister welcomed me in the door with vegan cranberry tea bread. it was delicious
  • Single Drip Coffee has come to our little mountain town. That and new bars, shops, and an all-local grocery store! Also sampled a flight from our local brewery
  • My mother's garden was abloom, and i just adore poppies!

  • I ran a 1 hr 50 minute half marathon, with my speedster best friend. I was pretty happy about that, considering we were at a mile high, and I've been training at sea level and without any hills...

  • Met my little sister's adorably squirmy puppy
  • Seeing friends and family-priceless
my big sister and her beautiful family
this will probably be the jarrard family xmas photo

Now i'm back in Boston, trying to live it up before these summer days slip away!
how are you keeping busy this summer? enjoy your weekend!

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Janel said...

holy moly you ran a 1:50 half?! congrats that's amazing!