Saturday, August 14, 2010

Glittery Love

A day late and a dollar short, but as promised, I'm here to announce the Winner of my Uncle Sam Giveaway, but first you'll have to wade through a sea of Glitter and Roadtrips.....

Glittertastic: I joined some of the fabulous people of CitySearch on a Disco Bar Crawl and the Donkey Show at the Oberon Theater. This play, set in the Studio 54, recreates Shakespeare's Midsummer's Night Dream in a 1970s club. It. Is. FANTASTIC. and if you haven't already been, go. now. Even if it's just to see some hotties covered in glitter, get your butt over there. And it happens every Friday and Saturday. No excuses.

Country Dreaming: Janel and I took a roadtrip up to visit Jess in Central Mass, and participate in the (in)famous chili cookoff. Little be knownst to us, apparently vegetarians aren't real people in rural Mass, and there wasn't a bean in sight. Oh well, we stocked up on the Salsa. Also- chili is a BIG Deal. Check out some of these "stands". All the "vendors" were very into their chili and competitive!

Where would you put the "hillbilly chili" stand the rest of the year?

we adore salsa!
.and then we rewound by the lake, gorgeous.
Wrapped up the day with an amazing farm-fresh dinner at Jess's House. My camera died, but Janel wrote about it in this post: A Food Filled Summer's Day.

Even though Dietetics may be one of the worst paying college degrees, my path has not wavered, because it's amazing RDs and people such as Jess and Janel that inspire me each and every day! I know that I will love what I do, and that passion is way more important than money!

ok, finally the Winner of my Uncle Sam Cereal Giveaway is......... Kerry! chose comment # 6 which belonged to, a Grad student in my program, who has her own food blog, with a never-ending supply of delicious recipes! Send me your address Kerry and I'll have a box shipped to you right away! Even if you didn't win, remember that you can still stalk the Boston Brekkie van around Boston!

One last thing........
[Nerd Alert]: Just the other day I was telling a friend I wanted a pen that could erase.
The gods at Sharpie apparently heard my plea and created the ultimate writing utensil. It is a pencil, pen and sharpie. all in one. Pure, and utter genius.
see it here.

Ok, I'm still about a week behind on recaps, but someday!!

Have a FANTASTIC weekend!!


Kara said...

I was a little discouraged when I read the article on top 20 worst paying college degrees. But I totally agree with you that loving what you do is so much more important than making a better salary. Plus, I believe that as nutrition and health prevention continue to grow, RDs will become more recognized and we will no longer be one of the top 20 worst paying college degrees!

KC said...

Wow, thanks so much! I've never won a blog giveaway, and I really do want to try the cereal.

I saw that article too, about dietetics being among the worst paid degrees. It's really important when we get out there to keep pushing the value of what we do, and impress the members of other health professions by showing them how our skills affect outcomes.

freak4fitness said...

Coool, a chili cookoff?! Sounds fun! Something I would for sure attend!
I think it's great that you have a dietetic degree, I wanted to go for that, but my pea brain can't do science, or math. Lucky you! :)