Monday, August 16, 2010

Local Options at Boston Restaurant week

Restaurant Week has hit Boston! August 15-20; and August 22-27 restaurants around town offer reduced price prix-fixe options and the Boston Local Food Festival has a great list of all the restaurants that will be sourcing local, sustainable ingredients in their menus! Using locally sourced food is important to me, and I applaud the efforts of the BLFF to spread their message. With better tasting food at stake, it's easy to convince most chefs to include more local vegetables, and fruits!

I love checking out the menus on the "Insider's Guide to Boston Restaurant Week" and seeing where I should hit up. I'm hopping to make it to Lunch or Dinner @ Masa,
Lunch at Tremont 647 , Dinner at Upstairs on the Sq, $1 tapas + drinks at Estragon and
L'espalier . But time, and $$ are always [slightly] limited, but a girl can hope and dream!

Last week Kara and I got together for a post-work drink at Henrietta's since we were both DYING to try their Seasonal Drink Menu Lucky us, they have been serving these all summer long, and not just during restaurant week. Kara was introduced to Huckleberry in a light lemonade, and I tasted Mead for the first time.
Mead is a honey wine, with origins obscured in the mists of time. It's considered by many to be the first alcoholic beverage created, predating both grape wine and beer.

I picked Blueberry Madness (Made with Fresh Maine Blueberries) which was wonderfully sweet! This Mead is made locally in Western Mass by Green River Ambrosia After exploring their website and facebook fanpage I now want to try all of the other varieties they offer!

I wanted to try their entire drink menu, so a return trip is definitely required. They have several local vodkas, beers, and wines, as well as drinks that benefit relief efforts in Haiti. Shamefully, I have not yet eaten here, but I just adore the decor, menu, and message
“Our goal at Henrietta’s is to deliver the freshest available food, through proper cooking techniques and excellent service,” says Executive Chef Peter Davis.
That's a goal I can get behind!

It was nice catching up with Kara and discussing life goals/paths. She's about to graduate from her Dietetic Internship, and watch out world, cause this RD is going to shake things up! She's one of my many role models, and just a lovely person!

Are you planning on participating in Restaurant week if you're in Boston? What do you think about prix fixe or locally sourced food in general?

Happy Monday I'm Nantucket-bound, and still not sure what the internet situation is... See you soon!


Jess said...

Nantucket? I'll be on the cape wed/thurs... will you be on nantucket then? Maybe I can ferry it over to share a meal w/ you!! As long as I've been a MA native, I've actually never been there :-) Enjoy mon amie

Kara said...

you are so sweet!! loved our drink date. and you are one of my role models too, your blog inspired me to join the blogging scene :)

Garth said...

Glad you liked the mead! The Blueberry Madness is indeed fabulous.
Oh, and you should definitely make time/$ to eat at Henrietta's. Cheese platter pairs nicely. Homemade potato chips too said...

Yuuuummyyyy!! I love restaurant week in Seattle. It gives you the opportunity to try restaurants/dishes you may not otherwise try. And food philosophy is definitely one thing that draws me into a restaurant. I love farm-to-table dining. Fresh and local is not only nutritious, but such a romantic concept :) maybe that's the nutritionist in me. PS, I'll be in Boston halloween weekend. I would love to get together!

Lori said...

Love these kind of foodie events in big cities! It all sounds great and I also like that chef's philosophy. :)