Friday, September 24, 2010

2000 miles of inspiration

Everyday I find something or someone new that inspires me. The world is full of amazing people doing wonderful things, it's hard not to want to push yourself to join their ranks. Perhaps because I aspire to join them someday, ultra athletes especially inspire me these days. People like Branden Brazier (vegan ironman), Scott Jurek (vegan ultra-marathoner), Tim Van Orden (raw ultra-marathoner), Matt Frazier (No Meat Athlete)to name just a few., I'm pretty sure you don't have a heart if you are unmoved by the story of Terry Fox (watch this clip of the ESPN special, I about started bawling)

Flipping through Improper Bostonian the other day, I read a short snippet about a group of 3 dudes who decided to run from Boston To Austin for charity. Yes, that is 2000 miles. Yes that is hardcore/crazy/epic/inspirational. Abby, Scott's GF noticed my blog about my warrior-status and offered to let me do an interview with the guys. See what happens when you mention someone is hot???

So who are these guys?? From their Blog:
A challenge like no other … in September 3 men from the UK and Texas are attempting to run from 2000 miles (each) from Boston, Massachusetts to Austin, Texas. The run will begin on 15th September at 10.00 am in Boston and will be completed hopefully… on the 27th november in Austin. During the two and half months the guys will encounter challenging terrain, adverse weather and who knows the occasional wild animal.Passing through 9 different states, 100 different towns, 9 cities and covering between 30 – 40 miles a day will be a grueling task that will be entertaining viewing and no doubt keep you hooked for the entirety.
They are raising money for 4 hand-picked charities which you can find more about here, and have so far raised over $3600!
You can find their bios and bods here. I had some pressing questions which they were kind enough to answer (with British/Texan Accents), in between running 40 miles/day. NBD.

Q. What are you eating, on the run, to get enough calories for that level of activity? A. Everything and anything - We love to eat!!!! Seriously though, loads of carbs like pasta meals at night when we get in. I love american pizza (Scott) so this has been my treat out here so far to keep me in a positive mindset. On the run, we are eating a lot of nuts as they are high in energy and calories so great for keeping us going as they are also not to heavy to run on. And we are drinking soooo much bloody water
Q. How often do you plan on swapping out gear, such as running shoes?
A. We are sponsored by PUMA and they gave us a great tip with our running shoes. Apparently, the midsole of a running shoe after a marathon requires 48 hours to recover properly so we are changing trainers every day and swapping back to the first one's every 48 hours. We have 5 pairs each from PUMA which allows us to do just that. They're such comfortable running shoes - it's the first time I have ever worn PUMA for running as I was aways an adidas or nike kinda guy but these are by far my comfiest trainers for running so far

Q. Do you ever listen to
music on the road or talk to each other?
A. Well Rusty has a secret mancrush on Axel from Guns 'n' Roses so he is always listening to a bi of this or Kevin Fowler (being from Texas ad all). Rhys loves a bit of cheesy pop like Kelly Clarkson (you can tell he would by his metrosexualness) and I like a bit of hop hop (Dddy) and some Dance tunes like Eric Prydz, etc. But the runs are long and heart so we have to talk to each other to keep our spirits high. The banter between the three of us keeps going when we are together :)
Q. How did you map a course that would avoid major highways/interstates?
A.The route is one of the hardest things and we have been running on the Jericho Turnpike etc. I bought a Lonely Planet Book to help us map out the route so we pas areas of interest etc along the way and used an atlas and google maps to do the rest. The route still changes daily to be honest rom the original as certain things happen that we cannot account for :)
Q. What's the first thing you'll do when you reach Austin?
A.Have a nice cold beer, followed by some texas BBQ, a shower and then crawling to a wheelchair. I hope to have a big charity event the Saturday 27th Nov when we arrive
How could you not want to support them???? [am checking out Puma now-never knew that about the trainers!] Need more inspiration?? Check out their Blog, twitter and facebook page! And check out their YouTube Video Here: spread the word y'all!

What inspires you today??


Jess said...

wow so incredibly inspiring!

Danielle said...

thank you for sharing this, the story of terry fox is unbelievable - what an inspiration (still crying...)