Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cuz I'm a Warrior

It was a weekend of battles, both mental and physical. My final 20 miler before the chicago marathon was more a test of mental endurance than physical strength. My legs and heart are more than capable of running that distance and further, but 3 hrs by yourself, on paths you have gone over 2 zillion times is tiring. I try to turn it into a meditation and recite positive affirmations and mantras. The last half hour was pretty brutal, but I made it through! Knowing that I would be spending the rest of the day socializing with others was uplifting.

The afternoon was spent surrounded by nutrition peers in the first MSDA meeting/potluck of the year! Food, friends and fun, what more can you ask for??

Naveen and I got dinner at Prana Raw, which was FANTASTIC. Every meal I have here has been so good. And their presentation is superb.
appetizer: tomatillo, cashew cheez, sour cherry, and pear
eggplant noddles, with delicious olives
seaweed noodle salad
I left feeling so satisfied and delighted, but not at all stuffed. Their food is just vibrant, there's no other way to put it. This was a great reminder that I need to make the trek up to Newton much more often.

The rest of the evening was another "I can't believe this is my real life" as I celebrated a friend's 25th by joining 15 other people in Disney attire to do a bar crawl. I, of course, rep'd Alice (in Wonderland) and fighting the lines, we were met by many escatic fans. everyone secretly wishes they were a disney character right??
its like we really were in the late 80s/90s with these grainy pics!
Thanks to the MBTA being really cool and shutting down at midnight (cinderella, cinderella), we had to fight for cabs downtown until 3 in the morning. never the most fun.
4 hours of restorative sleep later, i was ready for my transformation from a disney princess to a bona-fide warrior.
With medschool driving Priyanka a bit insane, she somehow convinced me to come with her to upstate NY to participate in WarriorDash NE. After hearing that it was "the ultimate event for thrill-seeking athletes. This running series is held on some of the nation's most demanding and unique terrain. Participants will conquer extreme obstacles and celebrate their feat with music, beer, warrior helmets and muddy shorts." really, how could I say no??? So on a fine sunday Pri, Katie, Dennis and I piled into Katie's car and made the 3 hour trek from Boston to the Catskills, and the Windham Ski Resort.
Cartime was spent discussing gross anatomy (which is pretty gross) and me making medical abbreviation flashcards. Yes, the future health professionals of the US are warriors.
We arrived feeling very underdressed. I personally had picked my least desirables with the intention of being environmentally neglect and tossing them post race. Who knew we would be competing with fashionable warriors??
they won the costume contest. and only spoke in na'vi language.
plenty of scotsmen, xena warrior princesses, indian chiefs and braveheart wannabes. Kudos to the dudes wearing kilts-especially the one fashioned from 32 rack boxes of natty ice.
So how exactly does one start a race of this nature? Warriors don't use guns, so a more appropriate start, would be of course, FIRE
and we're off!!
we didn't do much studying of the race course beforehand, which was probably a good thing, considering it was Uphill the entire first mile. and followed by the steepest hills I've ever run down (I don't even want to know the grade).
Of course, there were obstacles to keep things fun:
Fire was my favorite, but we were also met with Tires, Walls, Bridges, waist-high freezing cold pond/streams to trek through, and lots and lots of mud.
Some genius wore a helmet cam-wish i was this cool. Follow me
Throughout the course, everyone was egging each other on: Dennis and I are now mud brothers. I heard plenty of Primal screams, and several choice quotes.
'Thought we were all in great shape didn't we"
"I'm sweating patron"
"I want to run with the hungover people"
and a smattering of curses.

I kept it clean most of the way, but the final section, things got a little dirty. after jumping through fire and sliding down a slipperyslide, we crawled through mud under barbed wire to the finish line. This is why we emerged looking like this:
wait, those aren't warrior faces!!
much better.
Bananas and water were at the finish line-warriors eat their fruits and vegetables. And then have a beer afterward.
(Hefeweizen from pyramid-1 free post-race)
I would have to say the one of the hardest things was attempting to shower post-race. in freezing cold hose showers. awful. and then attempting to change in a women's bathroom stall. I have never been so dirty in my life. Undergarments were soiled-there was literally dirt in them. Needless to say, everything was tossed. But I did redeem myself, by donating my shoes to charity.
the perfect burial ground for my bright yellow first-marathon sneaks!

until next year, warrior dash!!
The mud, the grime, the potential for near death-all very worth it!!! I can't wait to do another dash sometime soon! Do one thing a day that scares you? Check that off today's list! It was all in all a fantastic weekend. Try not to get annoyed if I refer to myself as a warrior from now on.

Ok, so I was feeling pretty warrior-ish, and then I read about this group of Bros who are running from Boston to Austin. Yes that is 2000 miles. Yes they are running 30-40 miles a day. Yes they are hardcore [and HOT]. Check them out here

How was your weekend?? Do you like trying new things and pushing your limits or do you prefer to stay within your comfort zone?


Jess said...

Wow that is pretty intense. You should have worn your princess costume to the race!!

Elizabeth Jarrard said...

Jess-halfway through, i was like, what am I thinking-I shouldn't have changed!!! Next year i'm totally reppin disney. you're invited.

abby fleming said...

hey great article - just noticed that you have mentioned the 2000 mile run in your article - thanks so much. We are trying to raise as much publicity as we can for it. if you want I can ask the guys some questions for you if you want to do a whole blog on them? Just an idea. I can send you some pics too - since you think they are HOT lol. My email is



Stephanie Horton said...

YES! I love that you did this. Looks absolutely incredible. I am so in next year, although I am slightly scared hahaha.

Disney dance party looks like it was tons of fun.

You ARE a warrior! 4 hours of sleep followed by lots of up hill running? One word: ROCKSTAR.

<3 ya!

Mei said...

I want this. I want in this.
Dan and I are coming. next time. We will train for mud running...since the portland torrential rains will give us plenty to practice with!

You are such a rock star!

and p.s.
Tie's....haha yes! so good. too bad I still got a C in that class. At least i tried hard. It's hard to out do these art kids on outfits here....wearing heels was about all I could do to get them to look twice. SIGH!

Anonymous said...

Hey - congrats you warrior!! I am one too! I ran in the 2pm wave on Sunday up in Windham. I am 49 years old, and out of 11,200 runners in two days - I placed in the top 33%!! Very proud of myself, and anyone else who finished!