Monday, September 13, 2010

Maple Leaf Half Marathon

This past Friday I packed my Lulu bag (which is cuter with a kitten in it:)

no the cat did not come with me to VT. she belongs to my friend sara. i love them. this picture is from my trip to maine

with the following items:

oatmeal, raisins,

clif crunch bars (FOUND THEM!!),

running clothes, warm weather dresses(what was I thinking????), running shoes, laptop, required reading, coffee.....

and took the commuter rail to Jess. We picked up Tim and headed up to Vermont for the Maple Leaf Half Marathon. Vermont is Gorgeous!! I can only imagine how spectacular the fall foliage will be in a couple of weeks. Manchester is nestled in the Green Mountains, and even the drive up through NH was beautiful.

We had dinner the night before at “The Perfect Wife” one of the race sponsors and a nice little tavern.

We got the eggplant fries to start (delic) and both Jess and I had the “Howling Wolf” Gotta carbo-load these she-wolves with some vegan rice, sweet potato and veggies!

We stayed at Jeff, a good friend of Tim’s, new house, and I passed out at 10:30, with them questioning that I was an actual college kid. I have to wake up at 6am so I can eat guys! Oatmeal with flax, peanut butter and raisins, served with coffee to kickstart the morning. Breakfast overlooking this? Nothing better.

All of my cross-country friends crumple their numbers, so I follow suit

Tim got my lucky number. I almost stole it

before 10am my eyes don't fully open

Jess and the Boys (note: don't talk to Tim before a race. he's not a happy camper >

Then off to run 13.1 beautiful miles!The morning started out quite chilly with a heavy fog, but a couple miles in, it completely lifted and the sun shone brightly. The race went well: We all PR’d! I got 1:45, Tim got 1:33, and Jess came in at 1:54 It was a rolling course, but great little cheering squads and gorgeous scenery! I came in 4th in my age group, so missed the podium, but I was very happy with my time! Especially because I went into the race just planning on using it as a training run, versus "racing." I just got caught up in the spirit!

After the race there was a huge spread of watermelon, oranges, bananas, bread, bagels , muscle milk, cookies, bars, lemonade, Gatorade, and water to replenish our stores. We ran into Lindsey and company, who had just completed their first half! There's really nothing better than post-race feelings! We finished the day with lots of snacks and shopping, and then headed back down to Central Mass. Jess takes gorgeous photos and you should see her recap here

Somethings I’ve had on my mind lately (and I have a lot of time alone in my head with these long runs), that I will hopefully elaborate on soon:

  • Why I need to keep chasing that runner’s high and why I want to do an Ultra to keep pushing my mileage
  • My thoughts on this intermediate training plan
  • Bars, Bars, Bars
  • Where I will be in the next year/6 months.
  • The role of positive emotions/mantras while running
  • why humans are so gosh-darn irrational (this book applies to everything in my life. I highly recommend it. and yes, that was my required reading)
This week is very busy with school! Good thing I love my classes and scatter more fun things throughout the week! Check out my post today on Guiltless about Girls On the Run-a fantastic non-profit I hope to get involved with soon!

Any races in your near future? Exciting week plans? tell me more tell me more!


Kara said...

you go girl! VT looked beautiful! i definitely need to take a drive there soon!

KC said...

Predicatably Irrational was such a good book, I learned a lot from it. Can't wait to hear more about your plans for the future.

elz + pab said...

hey there, congrats on the half marathon! I found your blog on the 2010 Boston Local Food Festival "festival bloggers" glad to have connected with another Boston foodie. Looking forward to following your blog.

- ellen from

freak4fitness said...

Congrats on the PR!! That's GREAT!! Wow look at that fog, looks like a beautiful morning to start a half! said...

GREAT JOB!! Wow awesome PR girl! I know what you mean about all the things that run thru your mind on a long run. In fact, I've considered blogging it too. People always aks if I get bored on long runs, but maybe I'm ADD because my mind never stops! Good luck getting back into the swing of school. Senior year!! Woot woot!!

Janel said...

4th in your age group!? You're superhuman. I'm convinced.