Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Senior Status

Ah Fall. With the start of a new semester it feels like fall has set in. This summer was amazing, and it's strange to be back on campus, and seeing all the freshman with their starry eyes. I'm very excited about my classes this semester: Advanced Clinical Nutrition, Advanced Nutrition Counseling, Food Service Management, Applied Research, & Social and Behavioral Public Health. It feels like we're actually going to begin to apply the information we've been learning in the past years, to real patients, and that is very exciting! I'm also taking sailing and hiphop, fo fun!

My Labor Day was very exciting and entailed a big move to a brand new apartmenta slight upgrade from my frosh crib eh?
A trip to the farmers market. While I adore my CSA it was nice to visit the farmers market with a fellow locavore and score some kale (my favorite, remember?)
and kickin off senior year with good friends and a housewarming
roommates since freshman year-what what??

Marathon training: is going snappy! With 31 days to go, it's time for some updates!
  • i'm using Hal Higdon's Intermediate 2 plan, just for fun, so I do 3 20 milers this month. My weekly mileage peaks at 50 miles.
  • We are picking out our outfits now. Thoughts on crazy spandies???I mean, we just found out this hottie is running the marathon, so we gots to look good
  • sean of 3 oh! 3
  • I'm running the Maple Leaf Half Marathon with Jess in VT this weekend. I'm super excited, it's supposed to be a gorgeous race and friends of Jess & Tim's are letting us crash their house. whoop whoop!!!
  • I've been making my own gels from dates using Brazier's recipe, and drinking Vega Sport on my long runs
Priyanka also somehow convinced me to do the WarriorDash.
gotta put your game face on
I have a feeling it's going to be EPIC. This has been playing in my head all week.

Are you training for a fall race? Fill me in our your life updates!


kati said...

New pad! So exciting! I have a good feeling about this year for you - marathon, fresh perspective, fresh kale, interesting classes... sounds pretty ideal, if you ask me. Perhaps a love interest will be next on the list?

Christine Scarcello said...

yay!! it all sounds so exciting - new place, half and full marathons, senior yr nutrition classes! my last year was my favorite of all the coursework because everything finally comes together! you're right - you really start to apply and integrate all your knowledge and theory into a practical setting with real people and/or case studies! the behavioral and public nutrition class sounds awesome too! we never had that one :( good luck on the half! lemme know how it goes! and I can't wait to see ya in the CHI when for your marathon!! ciao bella

freak4fitness said...

3 20 milers!!!!!!! Amazing!! Can't wait until I'm at that level some day!