Wednesday, September 29, 2010

To Pick a Peck [of Apples]

Janel, and Jess took it upon themselves to get me out into the field for my first time Apple Picking this Sunday.
our ride......i wish....
We morning-tripped it up to Nashoba Valley and each shelled out $15 for a bag to pick a peck of apples!

With more than 90 varieties of local apples, there's no way that I could keep them all straight! One thing I know for sure is that they are all delicious!!!
Lucky us, Nashoba Valley Winery also makes a huge selection of wines, beers, and spirits, and we opted to do a Tasting. For only $4 we got to try 5 of our choice from their extensive list, and got to keep the glass to boot!

my favorite: Silk-peach brandy with peach wine and juice. Sinful.
the vineyard is right outside!
After our tasting it was time for our picnic lunch. We snagged a table, and proceeded to our Indian meal
before the crowds arrived
Jess's indian potatos
punjabi chhole. my fave
love the food must taste good chips!
Operation Apple is now in full force. If 1 a day keeps the doctor away 3 must be even better right?? These local apples are probably the best I have ever tasted. They're good-very good.
snow white.
And there's nothing better than spending a Sunday morning with good friends and role models!
Jess and Janel's big bad cameras put my cannon powershoot to shame. See Jess's side of the story (+ her recipe!!) here

Like Local Food? I really hope to see you at the Boston Local Food Festival this Saturday!!

Now that it's officially fall, what is your favorite part of this lovely season? I love being in New England when the leaves change, pumpkin everything, all the winter squashes, and apples galore!


Jess said...

Your photos are gorgeous!!! Lovely recap. And I LOVE that photo of the car. So retro.

healthychicks said...

Ah looks like you had a great time! Love the pics : ) I went apple picking with my mom in CT today and had a lovely time as well. Nothing beats apple picking in the fall! I may try to make a healthy "apple crisp" with some of them, but as of toady I've been pairing them with cheese! mmm

KC said...

Nashoba is so much fun, both for apple picking and wine tasting. One of my favorite wines in the dry pear.

Hope to run into you Saturday at the Boston Local Food Festival!