Monday, October 4, 2010

Boston Local Food Festival

This Saturday was the first [ANNUAL] Boston Local Food Festival! The weather gods love local food, because within the span of 24 hours it turned from cold, rainy and stormy into a gorgeous, sunny fall day, where a jacket was not required. I headed down to Fort Point Channel and intermingled with the crowds of Local food lovers, Octoberfest participants, and people of all ages, as we sampled local culinary delights.
different bands took the stage as we wandered through the tents, talking to vendors and sampling their wares

A zero waste event
Put on your dancing shoes

It was a very family-friendly event, perfect for us kids at heart!
It's food Twister! Put your leg on a super food!
Cider Pressing with the Food Project
K. Brooks i adore you
It's the food Post Secret! Stir a Memory asks people to share a food memory for a group art project

just beet it

Vegetable bus by Enterprise Farm, one of the longest running certified organic farms in Massachusetts.
Get on board
Vegetable Bus-crushing food deserts

Of course, what's a food festival without lots of eats? It's sample time!!
The gorgeous Jessica (her recap here)

Some of my favorite local businesses attended, including Taza Chocolate
All a girl needs is some [vegan, local] chocolate
All of Taza's chocolate is sourced sustainably and they are committed to being 100% USDA certified organic. They also emphasize direct, fair trade for their small batch chocolate.

Because it is stone ground it is not as smooth as some people expect, but I think it compliments the flavors nicely, especially their new salt and pepper flavor!
Raw brownies from Revitalive Cafe, A raw vegan restaurant on the North Shore I've been wanting to check out.

a Taco from Prana Raw CafeSauce/Chutneys/Salsas from Tortured Orchard that make everything taste a little bit better. "A spirited rebellion of flavors"
Hedgehog salsa-beyond adorable
I love all Pickles, especially Grillo's

Sampled some of Karen Covey of Gourmet Recipes for One edamame hummus, it was delightful!

I overheard someone say "it's like an urban grocery store"
made local in VT

It was great to see so many people enjoying fresh, local sustainable food and to meet some of the growers and artisans. Festivals like this one really put a face to the food on your plate. By reducing the distance between producer and consumer we build a stronger relationship. While I wish I could have met more of the fellow blogger/organizers I considered the day a success, and can not wait to see what the 2nd year holds!

If you were in Boston did you attend the festival? what were your thoughts? What's the best, local food you have eaten lately?

2 comments: said...

That looks like so much fun! Gorgeous day. The raw taco and vegan chocolate would have been enough to send me into a blissful food coma. :)

Ellie Cunningham said...

Wow! When will be the next time they will be holding this kind of event. The foods, the people, the arrangement just everything looks good and fun!