Friday, October 1, 2010

Guiltlessly Going Out

This week has been, well nuts. tests, projects, and deciding to go out every.single.night. It's a whirlwind ride i'm never stepping off. Boston has so many fun events to attend, i just can't stop!
Fashion week with my friend Emily, fashion blogger at Adelaide Stayed
Beehive with Boldfacers, Kara, and Steph
Trying to prioritize and manage my time effectively, but I'm not going to lie, I am currently procrastinating writing up a case study by blogging. But I just have some pieces I'm DYING to share with the world, so here they are:

This week on Guiltless:

  • Beauty Messages: Tell yourself you're beautiful. Today. Go. [Read more here]
  • Frenemies: aka why girls can be so b****y to each other, but the benefits of a good girlfriend. [so glad I'm going into this venture with a best friend]
  • The Label Project: my friend Cacky is an amazing artist/performer who wears her labels on her sleeves/all over her body. Read more here. dare you not to be inspired.

Vegetable Junkie
Run, Run, Run:
Chicago is uh, 10 DAYS AWAY and I can't wait. Maybe I'll record the day and submit it to this awesome collection of what people around the world are doing on 10.10.10. I'm running a marathon, in a city i've never been to, with two amazing friends, and countless new running buddies.

Hope to see you tomorrow at the Boston Local Food Fest!

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KC said...

Enjoyed your article on the Pom juice. There was such hype starting last year, and glad you got down to the facts.