Monday, November 29, 2010

The Science of Blogging

I'm a huge lover of all things scientific, and believe in evidence-based practices. So I was especially intrigued with I saw that Dan Zarella was hosting a Webinar on "The Science of Blogging". This "Social Media Scientist" is THE go-to guy in Social Media Marketing, and I was honored to interview him on some of his new findings. While I also know that blogging is an art, and i'm still trying to master both, I found these answers fascinating! If you want to increase your clout in the social media world, take careful notes!

Q. How can you optimize tags and word choice to get more hits?
A The word "you" tops the list of most ReTweetable words, meaning that
people are interested in reading and sharing content that talks
directly to them instead of about the author. As a bloggers we should
avoid talking about ourselves. Also, like all forms of marketing,
calls-to-action are super important, so if you want your readers to
Tweet your posts or share them on Facebook, ask them to do so.

Q. What is one way to guarantee a ReTweet on Twitter?
A. Tweet about ReTweets. It works almost everytime.

Q. How do I know if i'm following the right people on twitter?
A. As a marketer, I tend to concern myself more with the question of "are
the right people following me?" You want influential, engaged
followers who are ReTweeting and replying to you. Then I ask myself if
I'm following the right searches on Twitter. Listening is important
and you can't follow everyone who may Tweet about your niche, so I use
TweetDeck search columns.

Q. How do I get more followers?
A. First of all, fill out your Twitter profile fully, provide a bio, link
and profile picture. Accounts that do that have many more followers
than accounts that don't. Be sure your Tweets aren't all
self-referential and avoid being overly negative. Nobody likes a
self-centered Debbie downer.

Q. What is the best time/day to post a blog post?
A. My data shows that articles published in the morning tend to get
shared on Facebook more, but later in the day is better for getting
ReTweets. So, I'd suggest publishing your posts early in the morning
and then Tweeting them out later in the day. Experiment with the day
of the week, but definitely try out Friday and Saturday. My data
(surprisingly) suggests those days may be the best.

I found those answers fascinating, and highly recommend that you follow Dan on Twitter, check out his blog "The Social Media Scientist" , and listen in on December 9th, 2pm during the "Science of Blogging Webinar"

Blogging: More art or science? Weigh in!


landanimal said...

Great post!

Lauren said...

This is REALLY interesting! I always wonder about time of day to publish or tweet about my posts, etc. I'm not great about keeping a standard blogging schedule, even though I keep being told that I should be.

I didn't know about this webinar, so thank you for sharing!!