Monday, December 6, 2010

Baby Carrots: Snack Of Freedom

I. Love. Baby carrots.

Actually carrots in general. But Baby Carrots are great when you're on the run and need a veggie fix. They're wayyyy better than reaching for a pack of Doritos or Funyuns! That's why I'm so ecstatic about their new marketing campaign-"eat em like junk food"-Genius!!

Food marketing is only 2nd to the auto industry in number of dollars spent on advertising, and the vast majority of that going to complete junk, I fully support a change from only McDonalds to something more healthful.

With tongue in cheek youtube videos that play on common marketing ploys, we find we can INDULGE with baby carrots, that baby carrots are XTREME, and also the snack of the future.

Baby Carrots ARE cool! Scurry on over to their new, flashy website, or reach the best twitter feed, ever. I seriously laugh out loud (yes I'm a dork) Here's a sample:

#Eatem like you just got paid.

@DoritosUSA Want cool ranch? You should see our carrot farm.#babycarrots

Some say baby carrots give you vision like an eagle. Maybe that’s because we’re the snack of freedom.

Never trust a snack that can live forever. #twinkies

Do you like baby carrots?? What do you think of this marketing campaign?

and oops, this post was supposed to go live october 16th. guess it got a little lost! sorry about that!

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Kinsey Michaels said...

haha those tweets are really funny. i agree, it's nice to see healthy food being advertised for a change!