Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Coco Crazy: Vita Coco Review

Arriving home to my apartment to something waiting for me in my mailbox always feels me with joy. Arriving home after a weekend with family to a box of Vita Coco was quite great.
If someone had been there to capture my expression it would have been similar to this:
Madonna and I are just so similar
My friend Andrew hooked me up with a Vita Coco grab box.
a delightful assortment of tangerine, peach/mango, acai/pomegranate and 100% pure coconut water

there is one other flavor, pineapple, so for testing's sake, I snagged one at the supermarket.

Peach Mango
Acai Pomegranate
100% Pure
Flavah: I simply could not pick a favorite flavor! I used to say I only liked the 100% pure coconut water, but after trying all of the other flavors, I was blow away by how delicious each and everyone one was. The fruit flavor was so natural, and added great variety!

Keep It Simple Sweetheart: The ingredient list is short and simple. The plain is just Coconut water (100%). With the flavored (Mango Peach for example) containing: Coconut Water, Mango Puree, Peach Puree, Ascorbic Acid, Vitamin C.
I love that they have no added sugar and no preservatives. (One of their taglines is "it's so natural, it's like sticking a straw in a coconut"). It is also fat free and cholesterol free. Coconut water is on the inside of a young green coconut, so unlike the milk, it is low in calories, but high in electrolytes. In 11.2 fl oz of coconut water there is 690 mg of potassium, more than a banana! Vita Coco is also a great source of Vitamin C.

When I drink Coconut Water

-After a workout Even though Boston is nowhere near a tropical paradise, you still need to stay hydrated in the cold.
-The Morning After Partied a little too hard? I swear Coconut water works better than Gatorade!
-When I want a tropical escape. Ie, all winter.

Backstory: I even loved reading the story behind the Vita Coco. You can read it here, but the take away message is: talk to hot brazilians at bars. You never know, you might end up with a genius business idea and a future husband/wife! It never hurts

Vita Coco is definitely one of my favorite brands of Coconut Water. I also like the taste of O.N.E, and Harmless Harvest, but do NOT like the flavor of Zico. That's my personal opinion but I suggest you do taste-tests of your own! Let's go Coco Crazy for Coconut water!!!
Rhianna approved

Do you drink coconut water? If so, what's your favorite way, time, or place to drink it?


Emma said...

I swear by coconut water during 1/2 M. season, and it's also great for staying hydrated at the beach in the summer. What a delicious review to conduct!

Anonymous said...

I bought for the first time ever today. The coconut water with pineapple. I thought it was so gross!

Prakash Rajagopal said...

It is just pure chemicals. Try this. Keep a pack inside fridge for 2 days and keep it outside for 2 days. You will taste it like an ACID. Dont screw up your life drinking this.

Anonymous said...

100% pure ain't so 100% pure anymore. Now with added "natural fruit sugar." Read: Fructose.