Monday, December 27, 2010

MacaSure + Resolution Time!

When someone sends me an email asking if I would like to try a new chocolate bar, I usually respond Yes. When the asker is Vega, I shout an estatic YES! To find that one of my favorite whole food supplement and protein powder sources was now making a chocolate bar was very good news, to say the least!

MacaSureChocolate is made with 70% cocoa, organic dark chocolate and 4000mg of premium, organic maca. Perhaps you’ve heard the buzz about Maca? A Superfood that it’s advocates praise it from it’s ability to increase energy and stamina, in stressful situations, both in life and exercise. From the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database, a wonderful resource containing information on all types of herbs, supplements, vitamins and minerals I found maca is used for anemia, fatigue, menopausal symptoms, and increased sex drive, among other things. While the taste of plain maca can take a little getting used to, the chocolate bar has no unpleasant aftertastes, and you can barely tell the maca is even in it! The bar has the smooth creamy taste of dark chocolate. A high quality chocolate bar with a few extra benefits-why not! Allow yourself to indulge!

A few more details:· Price: $2.99·Where sold: Natural health food store like Whole Foods and online at

So if you see this chocolate bar in stores, I highly recommend that you pick up one to try!

**Disclaimer: I was not paid by Vega to promote this product. While I did receive a sample bar for free, it is of my own free will that I am deciding to publish this review.**

  • You may ask why I am "tempting you" with chocolate this close to New Years-that dreaded day of resolutions. Well, I have quite a lot to say about resolutions, and how positive goals are a much more successful and beneficial way to create change! Please check out the post I wrote on Guiltless today to learn more about how to set positive goals, and creating a vision board!
  • If you are new to entering the racing world of running, check out my Me First post today on race day accountability!
  • I'm with my family skiing the Tetons today, but I hope everyone who's getting buried with snow on the east coast is safe and enjoying their snowdays!

Any new Chocolate you have tried? What are your goals for the New Year?

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