Friday, December 3, 2010

My love ain't got no rhyme nor reason

All I seem to have time for right now is short lists of things I'm loving. 2 weeks (not even) of school left! Promise I'll be back full force after that!

In the meantime:

Seriously. I still Tweet up a storm, and want these tights

Meat eater's guide to vegetarians
fantastic read if you're a carnivore with veggie friends!

So Artsy: I
f you haven't seen Triiibe's exhibition at BU yet, make sure to stop by 808 Gallery before Dec 23! Fantastic!

The Flavor Bible: Check out the new website Food Pairings to see what foods and flavors go well together and what you can easily sub! Great for cooks, and recipe whores like myself!

Want more joy and energy in your life? Add exercise! (and read my Me Movement Post)

Do Work: I'm a huge fan of literally running errands. Not only does it save time but Runner's world reports that it actually burns more fat! Read the entire article here.

Boston Runners: Girls on the run is hosting a 5K Dec 12th. Get out to support this wonderful organization that builds positive self esteem in young girls!

Sharing is Caring:
Starbucks gets in the giving spirit! Great deals

Everyday is bright, and full of light. This world is filled with wonderful, beautiful, bright, & inspiring individuals-find them, learn from them. Carry on.


Vegan Valerie said...

Those twitter tights are sooooo cute! So cute!

Tall Chris said...

I liked the jogging on errands article.

My car has been in the shop on on off the last two weeks, so I have had the "opportunity" to jog to work with a change of clothes on my back. Love the jogging, love the way I feel at work.

If I didn't have to worry about being sweaty or having the spare clothes, I would jog to work every day :)

Lizzy said...

Such a cute post!!! I'll run the 5K- lets get Jess to do it too!! Did you sign up?

Lizzy said...

Oh and PS- Lauren's blog is amazing!