Monday, December 20, 2010

Tis The Season Love

wait. today is december 2oth? ie 5 days until Christmas?? How did that sneak up on me?? Finals pressure, wrapping up life in Boston, and trying to navigate through my new role as a "young professional" allowed time to simply fly! i don't really want anything for xmas, unless you have a french bulldog puppy you'd like to loan me for 3 months....
heart. melted.
But really, all I want for Xmas is NoMas!! Now that I'm not a starryeyed 6 year old waiting for St. Nick, I really don't NEED anything, and care much more about spending time with my friends and family and relaxing. The amazing Robby shared the idea of NoMas during a #mefirst twitter party and I just loved it! She's asking friends and family to give their time, not things. Isn't that fantastic?? Brings christmas back to it's original point!

But here is a list of some of my favorite recent loves, holiday edition:
  • Want: Fitnessista's Eggless Nog I also love the silk nog. I can't stand the taste of real eggnog-it makes me want to vomit. the alternatives are deliciously light!
  • I am obsessed with this Boston Skyline (MADE OF FRUITS AND VEGETABLES!!!!) by Tiny Urban Kitchen. amazing

I'm finished with school and heading home to Wyoming for 2 weeks to spend the holiday with my friends and family. Time to think more about life post-BU, polish up applications, job search like mad, and relax in front of a fireplace!

Happy Happy Holidays! xoxo


Gina said...

So proud of you! XOXO

Jess said...

Congrats on a job well done! You deserve some fresh Wyoming air, a warm fireplace, and family and friends!

Good luck w/ apps and job searching, and let me know if you need anything.

I love that card ;-)

KC said...

You really must celebrate all your wonderful accomplishments! Thanks for your incredibly positive influence on my 2010.

Kara said...

congrats girl! enjoy your time in wyoming, you deserve a relaxing break!