Monday, January 17, 2011

DonOt miss Pepples Organic Vegan Donuts

What do you do on a Saturday Morning in the East Bay with a hip and cool older sister and her two daughters? Well if your family is like mine, after a Pilates Session and run, you load the kids up in the car, and head to Pepples for some organic vegan brunch, donuts included.
We stumbled in on a little section of hipster-cyclist Portland, Oregon in the East Bay and were greeted by a very enthusiastic owner, and an overwhelming display case of vegan donuts.

Flavors like:
Keffir Lime
Salted Caramel
Raspberry Chai
Orange Cremesicle
Chocolate Cookie
Chocolate Coconut
Cinnamon Sugar
to name just a few, stared at us

It was a very very hard decision to make. No, I did not try all of them, tempting as it was (this woman did though) We shared a Keffir Lime and Candy Cap Mushroom donut while waiting for brunch.

(for the record CandyCap mushrooms taste like maple syrup. In fact the syrup for the pancakes was made from it!!!)

delicious vegan tofu scrambles (with spinach and eggplant) w a side of hashbrowns and fantastic whole wheat toast.
Donuts are best shared. Especially if with adorable company.
the wreckage
Go Get Your Own At
The Donut Factory
6037 San Pablo Ave
Oakland 94608
Pepples Donut Kiosk open 7 days a week at the Ferry Building, San Francisco Across from Sur La Table

or on Twitter @Vegan_Donuts

nomnomnom vegan-style


Emily Saltzberg said...

BRING ME SOME! I'll freeze them for my vegan month. I think I've decided on April :) Also, tell me all about Portland when you get back. It's another place I've always wanted to visit.

movesnmunchies said...

AHH yum!!! this place looks rockin!!