Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

2010-You've been far too good to me. I ran the Chicago Marathon with two amazing friends, got muddied up at Warrior Dash, did half marathons in rural VT and Wyoming. I went SkyDiving, surfing, Zorbing and tried circus arts. I threw some fantastic food parties including DIY sushi, Grown-Up Grilled Cheese, Miracle Berries, Haute Oatmeal, and Pumpkin Love. I ate some amazing meals (to mention just a few: Toro, Coppa, Craigie on Main, Momofuku, Pure food, Life Alive, Taste of the Nation and Dinners @ 76). I launched Guiltless with Stephanie, and got involved with Rebecca Scritchfield's Me Movement. I co-hosted a Super Breakfast Bowl, and had a fun time doing informational interviews with dietitians. I broke the 1.3 K point on twitter, and was an official blogger for the Food For Your Whole Life Symposium, Natural Products Expo & Boston Local Food Festival. I moved 3 blocks, and traveled to Iceland, Maine, Cape Cod, Nantucket, Chicago and New York (several times). I also graduated from BU and attended TedX Cambridge & FNCE. I saw MGMT, Janelle Monae, Girl Talk, Tracey Chapman LIVE. I met so many amazing people, and spent every day in a state of constant inspiration, appreciating the beauty of little things. A huge thank you to everyone who has been there to support and inspire me is in order.

Looking to the Future with Joy and Anticipation

Ever since I graduated Highschool (007. bond. james bond) the year 2011 has been etched in my brain. The year I would graduate college and become a "real person." Well, turns out I got a little ahead of myself, and completed my courses a semester early, but technically my diploma will still say January 2011. And I feel pretty real, a little scared, and very excited for the next steps in my life. I've been spending the holidays with my family in Wyoming, catching up on sleep, reconnecting with very good friends, and breathing in fresh mountain air under big blue skies.

So let's start this year off with a few of the many things I am loving right now:
  • Wanderlust with me and follow the adventures of Nomadic Matt and Adventurous Kate
  • My faith in Boston is completely renewed with this fabulous list of Boston Bloggers. Hours spent checking them all out-I highly recommend you do the same!
  • Why you should be guiltless. A great read, not that I'm biased or anything
  • Best Blogs? I like Time's List of Best Blogs of 2010. But I don't think mashable, Perez or Fail Blog are overrated. And there are a lot I would like to add to the list (check out my blogfeed for some of my favorites!!)
  • She blinded me with graphics: I'm obsessed with infographics, and love this one depicting what the average American Eats
  • Reading is Sexy: I love this list from the Friedman School of Nutrition in Boston of what its Nutrition Savy student are reading right now: Check it out!
  • Let's start this new year with a bang! I hope you are all having safe sex. and if you want to save the world while preventing pregnancy and STDs Check out Endangered Species Condoms (Wrap with Care-save a Polar Bear) and Sir Richards (1 for you and 1 for someone in a developing nation Make Love & Make Change)
What Great things will 2011 hold for you??

Happy 1.1.11 !!!!!


landanimal said...

Wow you had an amazing year! And here's to 2011 being even more amazing and guiltless :)

Indian Sarees said...

Nice pictures.. love it.. said...

Cheeeers to 2011!! Only good things can come. And I still don't believe I'm really a grown up. When was it official??

Nicole, RD said...

Happy 2011! 2010 sounds like it was a busy and wonderful year for you! Do you know what area of dietetics you want to enter into? Congrats!

Gina said...

I didn't know all those amazing things you did this year, E! Congrats. Can't wait to see what 2011 holds.