Friday, January 28, 2011

I Left my Heart In San Francisco

While I am learning to love snow days, there are a few things I miss now that I'm back on the East Coast:

-I miss the opportunity to go to Anti-Gravity Yoga at Crunch Gym (an amazing experience-thank you for the Guest Pass Janet!)

-I miss running on the beach with my sister, brother-in-law, and the cutest nieces in the world

-I miss playing bumper cars on the Santa Cruz Boardwalk

-I miss 65 degree, sunny, January

-Local, Fresh foods

Hoda Soy Tea Infused Tofu-creative and delicious!
  • Finding out about awesome places like M which gives $.75/entree to SF foodbank - 20k raised to date!

butttttt I am leaving Saturday for the Oldways Past Traditions Whole Grains Conference in Portland OR with Janel Ovrut, Corinne Dobbas, and Alison Clancy I am so excited to talk about just whole grains for a week, tour Bob's Red Mill, and see my friends Mei Ratz and Aaron Brown

It's time to jump back on that jet plane!

Get excited because I have the biggest giveaway in DWSCI's history coming on Monday-just in time for my blog-iversary! You're not going to want to miss this one! I know, a whole weekend of anticipation-muahahahha!


Stephanie Horton said...

I want to know about this giveaway!! Oh, and San Fran looks so beautiful. Anti-gravity yoga looks awesome. I'm going to start the hunt for one around here. Have fun at the Oldways whole grain conference! Wish I could there with you ladies!

Cora said...

Anna shared she had such an AMAZING time with you my love!! Your outlook on life and the world is so inspiring and beautiful! Thank you!! You sure make the MOST of wherever you are!!

Kara said...

Love your recap of San Fran...I want to try anti-gravity yoga, it looks awesome! Have fun in Portland lady! Wish I could go. See you when you get back!

steena said...

I haven't even been there & you're making me miss it! That yoga class looks insane! Enjoy your new adventures, even if it's not the east coast.

Jess said...

I love San Francisco! I lived there for 2 years and I miss it so much! The food is so amazing and everything is always local and in season!