Monday, January 24, 2011

The Plant Cafe-San Francisco

Where's a herbivore bound to go when visiting a new city? Plant Café in San Francisco definitely called my name.

The menu presented a wide array of vegan and vegetarian options. I got the “Signiture Plant Burger” a blend of beets, lentils, mushrooms, cashews, and bulgur wheat on whole wheat bread

with sauerkraut and wasabi, as well as homemade ketchup and raspberry aioli-splendid.

I also ordered a raw juice since Boston is seriously lacking in that department. The Spicy Red gave the fiery kick of ginger, with the sweet sugars of beets and apple.

The meal was so filling and satisfying, I would love to go back right now!

I was joined for lunch my the mother of my dear friend Oakley Boycott-Diane Corsick. She is an inspiring force and newly re-located to the bay area-somewhere I think she can truly flourish. Our conversation revolved on her recent adventures to Bhutan, where I was heading with my life, and reminisces about growing up in Lander, WY.

After lunch I strolled along the Ferry Building, oohing and ahhing over the wide array of fresh citrus and vegetables and wish I could put the entire thing in my pocket and take it back to Boston.
The Ferry Building is a foodie’s Mecca, with organic vegan donuts, homemade empanadas, wild mushrooms, gelatos, cakes, pastries, chocolatiers galore.

Oh SF I miss you
The Plant Cafe
San Francisco
The Embarcadero- Pier 3
Marina (3352 Steiner @ Chestnut)
Downtown (101 California (corner of Front & Pine)

Do you have a favorite restaurant in San Francisco?


movesnmunchies said...

ahh looks SO yummy girl!! im jealouss~!

Jess said...

Corinne took me there when I went to visit for the SF Marathon and I loved it too!!!

jess [mycameraeatsfood] said...

all of this looks delicious! i wish we could be in san fran right said...

I remember the Ferry Building. I haven't been to San Fran since my parents moved away over a year ago. *tear* But the food scene is sensational.
Your raw juice sounds yummy. I'm going to have to try my own beet apple juice in the juicer.
Glad you had a fun trip!!

Stephanie Horton said...

Omg YUM! This looks amazing. I need to get back to the West Coast! Maybe in the late fall sometime. We should go together!