Monday, February 28, 2011

Going to Towne

Gina and I have $25 promotional gift certificates to Towne so we decided to be 'Ladies that Lunch' Every single cocktail tempted me (including the corn + tequila combination!)
but with work do right after I made the responsible decision, and sipped on water out of a chemistry beaker while we caught up
Service was outstanding. Our waitresses started by asking if we had any allergies or dietary restrictions (we're quite the pair-G is Gluten free and I'm vegan) and any time constraints, which I thought was a great touch.

Gina had the acorn squash bisque with an arugula salad.
There wasn't many vegan options but I LOVED my huge salad and side of fries
Yum! Finished it off with coffee and G had the coconut creme brule.
To many more lunches on the town!
Towne Boston
900 Boylston Street
Boston, MA 02115

Monday, February 21, 2011

Eating Disorders Are Not Cool

Today marks the beginning of NEDAwareness Week which aims to prevent eating disorders and body image issues while reducing the stigma surrounding eating disorders and improving access to treatment.

Eating disorders are serious illnesses, not lifestyle choices, and affect men and women across all racial, economic, and educational boundaries. Eating disorders are complex conditions that arise from a combination of long-standing behavioral, emotional, psychological, interpersonal, biological and social factors. Look at the state of the world we live in today! A study found that adolescent girls were more fearful of gaining weight than getting cancer, nuclear war or losing their parents. Because we live in a culture that emphasizes an unrealistic ideal for most people, many try to fight our natural size and shape determined by genetics, through unhealthy dieting practices, poor body image and decreased self-esteem, which fosters the beginning of disordered eating.

In the United States, as many as 10 million females and 1 million males are fighting a life and death battle with an eating disorder such as anorexia or bulimia. Approximately 15 million more are struggling with binge eating disorder. Eating disorders rank among the 10 leading causes of disability among young women [Mathers et al., 2000] Eating disorders do not affect women exclusively. Men also suffer from eating disorders. Incidence of eating disorders has increased over the last 30 to 40 years [Academy of Eating Disorders, 2007] Not only are they becoming more predominant, but they are deadly diseases. Anorexia nervosa has one of the highest mortality rates of any psychological illness. Estimates range from 5% to 20%. [Birmingham et al., 2005]

Eating disorders have a profoundly negative impact on an individual's quality of life, wrecking self-image, interpersonal relationships, financial status, and job performance. While eating disorders are serious, potentially life-threatening illnesses, there is help available Recovery is possible. NEDA has information and resources available via their website and helpline:Helpline: 800 931-2237

Spread the awareness about eating disorders. Join the event on Facebook! If you are on twitter, Marci Anderson, a RD who specializes in eating disorders will be hosting a twitterchat on February 23rd at 8:30pm EST with the hashtag #endED Join in!

So this week let’s take some extra time to remember that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. You are more than the number on the scale. Celebrate your inner beauty, strength, and spirit! Live Guiltlessly

let's kill some negative body image! Tell me one thing you love about yourself today!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Let's Talk About Food: Forks Over Knives

The Museum of Science in Boston is having a wonderful series that is free and open to the public called "Let's Talk About Food"
Janel snagged me a ticket to their premiere of Forks Over Knives this past Sunday, and I jumped at the opportunity to see this movie before it's official May release.

I enjoyed the film, although they were definitely preaching to the choir with me. They had great interviews with Collin Campbell, author of the China Study and Dr. Esselstyn of the Cleveland Clinic.
Some take-away points:
  • The answer is not another pill. The answer is spinach
  • You are not your genes. You are not a hopeless victim. You can change your health destiny
  • Real men eat Plants-you don't have to eat meat to be manly. (want some examples? what about ultra-marathoner Scott Jurek? Vegan. What about Ultimate Figher Mac Danziggma? Vegan. Body Builder Robert Cheeke? Vegan. and many many more manly vegans)
  • The greatest gift you can give to yourself and your family is to eat more plants!
  • small changes lead to big results. Don't have to be 100% vegan-just increase fruits and veggies!
If you eat food (and you better) I highly recommend check out this movie. You can learn more about Forks Over Knives and catch a screening on their website, or by following them on twitter.
After the film there was a fantastic panel of David M Eisenberg MD of Harvard Medical Center, Rip Esselstyn, author of the Engine 2 Diet, and Tara Mardigan MS, MPH, RD at Dana Farber and for the Boston Red Sox. The panel was not unanimous with their recommendations, but I thought they all had valid points. I am honored to get to work weekly with Tara at Dana Farber-she's a rockstar dietitian that I definitely look up to! Besides, she had to leave right from the panel for Florida to join the Red Sox for Spring training!

There's going to be a lot of talk this spring at the Museum of Science about food-check out the schedule and reserve your spot!

Would you see Forks over Knives? Have you read the China Study?

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

May today find your surrounded by all sorts of love!

but don't forget a little self love, guiltlessly

and make it sweet-naturally. (yes you can download and print these stickers, for free. you can thank me later)

I heart all of you

All the way from Boston
SOURCE (check it out, seriously)
Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

We're all Winners: Vianne Chocolat & the Svelte

Before I announce the winner of my Svelte Giveaway, I have to share something I won, because I'm self-absorbed like that. (really, I swear I'm not!) We'll just say it's an unexpected blog birthday present!
Fates aligned and I was the lucky recipient of a giveaway from Vianne Chocolat, a new chocolatier in Boston. The gracious owner and founder Valerie Conyngham offered to send me dairy-free pieces, specifically solid dark chocolate squares with sea salt, brandy cherries and a pug bar.
dark chocolate pugs. really can you get any cuter?
brandy. cherries. dark chocolate
sea salt pairs perfectly with dark chocolate.
Looking at the other chocolate offered, I am obsessed with all the innovative flavors Valerie has created! For example, Green Fairies made with absinthe, Violets made with Creme de Violette liquor, raspberry rhubarb turffles, Peanut butter hives with a kick (PB + Chocolate + Cayenne pepper sounds like a dream right?) and burnt caramel (burnt caramel with dark chocolate and alaea sea salt). MMMM! Plus she's a local, small-business, and go-getting women entrepreneur-how could you not love it! Head on over to Vianne Chocolat Website

But I'm not the only winner, Drum Roll please for the winners of my Svelte Giveaway!

The First winner of grand prize of 1 case (12 Sveltes)- is Amanda Milad

The 2 runners will each be receiving 1 “prize pack” of one of each flavor is @Deshane and @vegitateforlife

Email your mailing address to ejarrard (at) and I'll get these packages headed your way!

Thank you to Vianne Chocolate and the Svelte and CalNaturale team for hosting this giveaway!

Disclaimer: I was not paid by Svelte or Vianne Chocolat to promote their product. I'm all about giving the companies I love the attention they deserve and don't need to be bribed.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Potato Champion

I stick to a pretty healthy diet. I love my whole grains and fruits and vegetables are my staples. But I also know the importance of allowing yourself indulgences, and not being restrictive of your eating. I love french fries just as much as the next person, and because I don't eat them EVERYDAY, they taste even better when I do. Especially if they come from Potato Champion.
3 separate people told me that I had to get the PB & J fries from Potato Champion food truck in Portland Oregon, so I made sure that it was included in our post-Whole Grains Conference agenda. I love Peanut Butter. Fries are great, I really didn't see how this could be a bad thing. And they greatly exceeded all expectations.

I rallied the troops and headed away from the Nines to SouthEast Portland to a Food Truck collective.
We have reached mecca. Aaron, Janel, Alison and ChrisAnne!

The Vegan Poutine also called my name, but my stomach is only so expandable. we still had dinner to eat after all!
Warning: Food Porn ahead.
French Fries with BANANA Ketchup
THE PB& J Fries
They were amazing. Since the foodcart is open until 3am, I can see them as the quintessential drunk munchie food, but at 6pm, as an appetizer, so great! The sauces are a peanut satay sauce with raspberry chipotle sauce. The fries were done to perfection. If you are, heaven forbid, allergic to peanuts, or just looking for something else, they have a whole list of innovative sauces. The banana ketchup was surprisingly good! Janel is determined to recreate it here in Boston [read her post and just see how excited I am to visit PC] I'd go back to Portland just for these fries. Seriously. Put it on the top of your foodie destination list.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Love from the West Coast to the East Coast

Just got back to Boston last night from an amazing trip to Portland with Janel and Corinne at the Oldways Whole Grain Conference. I had such a fun time, met some amazing people and went to some great presentations. You can read all about it here, here AND here. And you if you're still looking for more reading material, here are some articles I recently read and loved.

Food & Fitness
  • Bottled water is a joke-but if you're going to buy it-at least check out it's scorecard
  • Be a sweetheart Oh She Glows is having a vegan V-day recipe contest and every single one of the recipes look delicious. Head over to submit yours or drool over others!
  • Where's your food come from? Love this article on traceability in the food system in the Washington Post
  • Baby it's cold outside and i really don't want you to get frostbite. This is a must-read as temperatures hover at 0 in Boston!
  • Confused about Calcium and Vitamin D? NYTimes does a great job of breaking down the new recommendations and whether supplementation is necessary.
  • Trust the experts: Top "Get Healthy Tips" from nutrition and fitness professionals.
Just For Fun:
Want to know more about what I'm reading and loving right now? Be sure to follow me @ElizabethEats!

I love links-what was the best thing you read this week??

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Public Domain

i heart coffee
Tired of Starbucks (sorry Seattle) I asked the front desk of Nines where I could find some "good coffee" and they confidently pointed me in the direction of Public Domain, a hop and skip away from the hotel.

a small house coffee with soymilk and stevia was soon mine.
You know you're in Portland when even the lid to your coffee cup is compostable.
so green.

Prometheus Espresso Beans are currently lending their sweet fragrance to my luggage, as I transport a gift back to Boston with me. mmmmmm.

Public Domain
603 SW Broadway (at Alder)
Portland, Oregon

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

From the Ground Up: Topsoil to Table: Whole Grains Conference Day 3

Breakfast was from Quaker oats, and just paled in comparison to yesterday's steel cut oats from Bob's Red Mill. Matthew Cox from Bob's Red Mill said that the secret ingredient is love. and clockwise stirring. Secret to life right there my friends.

From the Ground Up: Topsoil to Table

First Wayne Carlson, from The Teff Company spoke. I love Teff-it's a gluten-free grain that is very high in Calcium. My favorite way to eat it is as a breakfast porridge-try swapping out your oatmeal with
this recipe! Then we learned all about the milling process in a presentation by Chris Miller, Instructor of Milling Science, Kansas State University.
After a fruit snack break we talked about "Gluten Free and Sprouted Grains" with Tom Payne, Director of Marketing, King Arthur Foods (yay new england!) & Kyle Bonorden, President, Sol Grains. This is an interesting new market for whole grains, and there definitely is consumer demand for both. Before wrapping up Mike Holleman, Corporate Chef, Indian Harvest Specialtifoods, talked about the importance of sampling and tasting in introducing new whole grain products to consumers. Tasting is believing-so let the public grab their forks!

Me, Janel and Corinne, Huge Whole Grain Nerds!

I had a fantastic time at the Oldways Past Traditions and Whole Grain Council Conference! I met some fantastic people, and even missed a snow-apocalypse! I have a whole afternoon in Portland to enjoy more great food and wonderful company, as well as leading a Webinar for dietitians across the country. Stay tuned for more updates and reviews! Thank you again for this opportunity Oldways I hope to help you change the way people eat!

2 side notes...

A MUST READ: Mark Bittman may have left the Minimalist but he's still at NYTimes, and wrote a fantastic food manifesto for the future-amen!

On Oprah and Being Vegan......
In case you didn't hear Oprah and her staff are going vegan for a week. While I think this is a fantastic thing, especially since she is one of the 50 most powerful people in food, there has been a lot of buzz in the twitter and blog world about it. I did not see the show, but as a vegan of two years there are a few notes I'd like to make. First of all I love being vegan. I don't focus on the things I don't eat but rather the abundance of the foods I DO eat-there are so many fruits, vegetables and whole grains to discover and experiment it never gets boring! I am not a fan of faux meats-they are highly processed and really don't taste that great. I'm a little upset that Oprah advocated them, without just saying "eat more fruits and vegetables" I am not a total stickler, and would rather eat honey than HFCS, since my primary reasons are not for animal rights reasons. However the fact that 10 BILLION animals are killed every year for us to eat is pretty gross. Also becoming vegan isn't a way to automatically lose weight. It may happen for some people, but you shouldn't think that just because you aren't eating animal products you're going to lose 20 lbs. For me personally, my skin is much clearer as a vegan and my energy levels are amazing. But this can also be accomplished by simply cleaning up your diet. While I love eating a plant-based diet, I know there are ways to eat very healthfully as an omnivore. And let's not forget how important your relationship with food is, and the style in which you are eating. If you want some more opinions I really love Health on the Run's take, and the comments she is getting on her blog. I recommend that people shift towards a more plant-based diet, but focus on nutrient rich legumes, fruits, vegetables and whole grains, steering clear of highly processed junk vegan food. Ok. Stepping off my platform now.

but I'd love for you to weigh in-what do YOU think about Oprah going vegan? or just eating a plant-based diet in general?

Whole Grains Conference Day 2: Eat, Learn, Eat, Repeat.

[A day in the life of....]


I headed down to the gorgeous gym in the Nines hotel. Apparently all of Portland loves infused water, because there was strawberry mint water waiting for me. Love it!
I worked out on the eliptical while watching the weather horrors striking the east coast and midwest, making me very happy to be in Portland.


oatmeal bar
Steel-cut oatmeal from Bob's Red Mill served with dates, golden raisins, walnuts, granola and fresh fruit. heaven. with coffee and grapefruit juice to chase it with.

Morning Session 1

Then we looked at how and why companies commit to whole grains, with Sarah Murphy, Nutrition Manager, Pepsico (FritoLay & Quaker), Joan Rubschlager, Vice President, Rubschlager Baking, Todd Kluger, VP Marketing, Lundberg Family Farms & Kristin Harris, Senior Nutrition Scientist, General Mills. Companies respond to consumer demand. So if you want to create a healthy life for yourself we have to show companies that we want it by voting with our forks and grocery-store dollars. Speaking of grocery stores, the next speaker was Craig Stacey, Director of Health & Wellness Marketing, Supervalu talking about how supermarkets can help consumers make better choices. Supervalu has a program called Nutrition IQ. Other grocery stores incorporate scores such as NuVal or ANDI, which I'm a fan of. I love seeing grocery stores hiring dietitians and steering their customers in a healthier direction.

Switching from a decisions point to a taste point, Chef Cary Neff stepped on stage to talk about how to make healthy food taste good. I completely agree with his point: "There are no bad foods." So true-it's ok to have a treat and indulge when making healthy habits. Being healthy isn't just about what you eat but also about how you eat. Remember- feel no guilt. Author of Conscious Cuisine Chef Neff is creating delicious, healthy meals, and changing the lives of his clients.

At break we had a piece of Dave's Killer Bread "Sin Dawg" which was gooey, divine, and there's no way you could tell it was whole grain! oh and it's local and vegan too! Wow- i could have easily eaten a whole loaf. And some Odwalla Superfood Smoothie, which I love.

We took it back to old school, with "Whole Grains for a New Generation: Promoting Whole Grains to Kids" by Patty Wall, Director of Dining Services, Holton (MI) Public Schools. The National School Lunch program was started after WWII and policies were're changed/improved til 5 years ago! Patty spoke to how to increase the quality and health-properties in the lunches that are offered to public schoolkids. She pointed out that you can't give children the option between a whole or refined grain. If they are hungry they will eat the whole grain option you present.

And the panel I was really looking forward to, as a blogger and present/future nutrition communicator: the Media Panel: "How magazines and blogs put whole grain first"
Jessie Price, Deputy Editor of Food, Eating Well magazine-intersection of food and health. A delightful magazine, and favorite of many. They have great recipes, featuring local, seasonal, organic food, with a healthful twist of course! Heidi Swanson, blogger and author, 101 Cookbooks Whose blog, recipes and cookbooks I have been a huge fan of.

She focuses on whole grains, and natural sweeteners, and all of her recipes are delicious. She is also an amazing food photography and total sweetheart. Her next book "Super Natural Everyday" will be released at the end of the month, so pre-order it now! She also mentioned two of my other favorite blogs, Green Kitchen Stories, and Sprouted Kitchen
Martha Rose Shulman, "Recipes for Health" columnist, the New York Times She curates and creates fantastic healthy recipes-if you haven't tried any of them yet-hurry now!

even Bob had a question for the bloggers
I was so glad that Oldways included the media and bloggers in a panel discussion. these three women are doing amazing things, and I really thinking the internet and blogging really makes whole grains and healthy foods/recipes accessible to everyone.

Lunch-Grain Bar Buffet

We settled down into the self-assigned "media table" with our friends from Health, Taste of Home, and the Huffington Post and enjoyed a whole-grain-tastic lunch. Black rice salad with orange and
avocado. There was also hummus with whole grain pita, and a lentil salad. The winning "bite" though, went to a roasted tomato cream-less soup with white beans, cilantro, carrots. So delicious!

We also made best friends with the ever-entertaining Edwin, employee-extraodinaire of the Nines hotel. He attended to our every [unspoken] want and need, so much that we are convinced he had us wired. How else could he know a spoon was needed or that we desperately craved some orbitz gum?

A topic that was fresh on my mind from my public health class last semester-"Healthy Corner Stores: A nationwide movement brings whole grains to convenience marts." Convenience stores are a large part of the American food environment, and unfortunately it can be quite a hunt to try to find healthier items in most.
Amy Ellings, Nurition Coordinator, Washington State Dept. of Health talked about the nationwide initiatives to bring more healthy foods to corner stores.

And because we all love technology and bringing whole grains to the future, we Loved "Whole Grain Invasion: Vending Machines Make Whole Grains Ultra-Convenient" by
the very attractive CEO of Sean Kelly
h.u.m.a.n. Healthy Vending. Named one of the top young entrepreneurs, this 23 year old is making waves. A fantastic public speaker this freestyle-snowboarding champion, a biomedical engineer, and personal trainer is now "helping unite man and nutrition" (h.u.m.a.n.) in vending 2.0.

Not only are traditional vending machines full of unhealthy, fat, sugar and salt laden products, but are harming the environment. Did you know that one vending machine takes up the same amount of energy as a medium sized home? h.u.m.a.n. is energy efficient, only stocks nutritional sound options, and donates parts of it's profits to charity. Wonderful.

Thank god there were frequent snack breaks. Edwin informed us that the best roasted nuts ever were roasted on saturday in-house with a mixture of Cayenne, paprika, blood orange & sugar.

Kept me fueled for happy hour with a friend and work until....

Awards Dinner

After a day full of food for thought, dinner was very nice, and formal. During the course of the meal there was an awards ceremony to honor organizations that have distinguished themselves in their dedication to promoting whole grains. Wahoo!! The food was again amazing, staring with a Pear Salad with greens, candied Oregon nuts, and wine poached pears.

For my vegan entree there was a bulgur pilaf with chickpeas and herbs, served with spinach and Brussels sprouts.

Dessert was a nice fruit plate.

After dinner we went upstairs to Departure, where we had cocktails with our media buds. My Tasho Macho had Thai chili vodka Thai basil, citrus, ginger beer. Delicious!
A wonderful jam-packed and fiber-full day!

And.... I just had to pass on this awesome project:

Oh, the irony: one day after the government issues its strongest recommendation to date to eat less and better foods, the snack food industry lobby launches "National Snack Food Month" to get Americans to eat more. Kitchen Gardeners International (KGI) a mini counter-campaign of their own here to reclaim February for the good food cause and make it into a 20ate day celebration of real foods. "You say hummus, I say yummus!"Let's "outlike" the cheese puff fanpage on facebook by the end of the month. Here's the score as of today: KGI: 4058 fans Cheese Puffs: 5469 fans. LET'S DO THIS!!! If you're on twitter use the hashtag #20ate