Friday, February 4, 2011

Love from the West Coast to the East Coast

Just got back to Boston last night from an amazing trip to Portland with Janel and Corinne at the Oldways Whole Grain Conference. I had such a fun time, met some amazing people and went to some great presentations. You can read all about it here, here AND here. And you if you're still looking for more reading material, here are some articles I recently read and loved.

Food & Fitness
  • Bottled water is a joke-but if you're going to buy it-at least check out it's scorecard
  • Be a sweetheart Oh She Glows is having a vegan V-day recipe contest and every single one of the recipes look delicious. Head over to submit yours or drool over others!
  • Where's your food come from? Love this article on traceability in the food system in the Washington Post
  • Baby it's cold outside and i really don't want you to get frostbite. This is a must-read as temperatures hover at 0 in Boston!
  • Confused about Calcium and Vitamin D? NYTimes does a great job of breaking down the new recommendations and whether supplementation is necessary.
  • Trust the experts: Top "Get Healthy Tips" from nutrition and fitness professionals.
Just For Fun:
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I love links-what was the best thing you read this week??

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