Monday, February 7, 2011

Potato Champion

I stick to a pretty healthy diet. I love my whole grains and fruits and vegetables are my staples. But I also know the importance of allowing yourself indulgences, and not being restrictive of your eating. I love french fries just as much as the next person, and because I don't eat them EVERYDAY, they taste even better when I do. Especially if they come from Potato Champion.
3 separate people told me that I had to get the PB & J fries from Potato Champion food truck in Portland Oregon, so I made sure that it was included in our post-Whole Grains Conference agenda. I love Peanut Butter. Fries are great, I really didn't see how this could be a bad thing. And they greatly exceeded all expectations.

I rallied the troops and headed away from the Nines to SouthEast Portland to a Food Truck collective.
We have reached mecca. Aaron, Janel, Alison and ChrisAnne!

The Vegan Poutine also called my name, but my stomach is only so expandable. we still had dinner to eat after all!
Warning: Food Porn ahead.
French Fries with BANANA Ketchup
THE PB& J Fries
They were amazing. Since the foodcart is open until 3am, I can see them as the quintessential drunk munchie food, but at 6pm, as an appetizer, so great! The sauces are a peanut satay sauce with raspberry chipotle sauce. The fries were done to perfection. If you are, heaven forbid, allergic to peanuts, or just looking for something else, they have a whole list of innovative sauces. The banana ketchup was surprisingly good! Janel is determined to recreate it here in Boston [read her post and just see how excited I am to visit PC] I'd go back to Portland just for these fries. Seriously. Put it on the top of your foodie destination list.

2 comments: said...

I MUST get these on my next Portland trip!

Janel said...

Yummmmm. I need to figure out how to make that banana ketchup.