Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Get Naked

I was first introduced to Naked Pizza while housesitting. After feeding Ping, Mango and Mars, I ate Naked Pizza, drank a BBC Coffehaus Porter and watched my first episode of Lost with J.
Meet Ping. He likes food.
I was hooked (to all of the above). But for the purpose of this blog, let's focus on the pizza. First they didn't laugh in my face when I requested a pie without cheese. Second it was ready right when we picked it up from the neon storefront, hot and smelling delicious. Their original crust is not made with white flour-instead it is a 10 grain crust(oats, brown rice, buckwheat, quinoa, amaranth, teff, spelt, tapioca, two types of wheat)-made w prebiotic agave fiber and probiotics. Ours were veggie-filled,but if you're an omnivore all meats are free of growth hormones and antibiotics (you just have to get past ordering a cartoon pig, chicken or cow).
Their small left me satisfied, but not stuffed, and ready to dive right into Lost.

So a few weeks later, after tweeting about how impressed I was with their pizza, they invited Lindsey and I behind-the-scenes for a tour. We dragged Jessica and Tim along for the ride and met the Brookline Manager, Tim, and he told us all about the company's food and business philosophy and how showed us how a Naked pizza is made.
Founded in New Orleans by an anthropologist interested in nutrition and a financial/real-estate guru, originally they were called "the world's healthiest pizza" but a branding professional suggested that it might not be the best way to sell product.
Hey-i want your shirt
From their website: "Real, delicious food, that’s also good for you. We don’t add sugar, high fructose corn syrup or hydrogenated oil because it tastes better without that junk masking the whole food ingredients."

the ovens
In a rush? no worries. each pizza takes 15-20 minutes tops
Going Gluten Free? They have a huge commitment to no contamination and offer a gluten free pizza every single day.
perks of being a dietitian's significant other-we get your free, delicious food. right Tim?
we all know how messy pizza can be!
Because I like to wrap things up by coming full circle, I brought home two more small pizza's and J & I finished Season 1 of Lost. (yes, I realize I am 6 years late to this party)
And I was too hungry to make it all the way back to the apt. oops.
spinach salad for some extra veggies

So get your To-Do List Handy
and go get Naked!

1331 Beacon St
Brookline MA 02446

433 Washington St
, MA 02135


Twitter: @nakedpizza

Enjoy being Naked!


Jess said...

Nice recap!

carlenesfigments said...

They have great marketing! Love the shirts.

Stephanie Horton said...

I almost ordered from here last night! Looks like it was fun and delicious.

Lauren said...

I think I've heard of this pizza before, they were written up somewhere...NYT? I forget but recall loving their story as much as the concept. I really love that they have a GF option daily. Thanks for stopping by foodtrainers, your blog is great.

Janel said...

We ordered a cheeseless pie there the other day and I thought the 15-20 min was an awesome fluke. I didn't realize it's standard!